I moved to NYC, to another country, leaving EVERYTHING familiar and comforting behind, committed to make New Me work, committed to create the exact life I have in my head, the exact me, present and future.

One day I was walking by my favorite place in the city, American Museum of Natural History, I always feel peaceful here, feeling all isolated, disconnected from everything and everyone I love by miles of ocean and land, from everything, that gave me comfort, really starting to doubt my decision to move to NYC, feeling like a total failure, having achieved nothing on my “bold goals” list.

And then it hit me!

“Now you can be and do whatever the hell you want”

Some voice in my head whispered.

Leaving familiar shores for another city, or even better, another country, makes you realize very soon, that living, while not going after your dreams, after your heart’s passions, is kind of boring and meaningless. And empty.

Staying in the same environment you are used to, never changing the scenery, never breaking up with familiar routines, habits and places, commitments, connections, fills your life with all kinds of obsolete life “junk”, remainings of the Past You, all that needed to be removed, rethought, discarded or substituted long time ago. All that stuff, we accumulate inside and outside ourselves, makes it that much more difficult to see the Present You, to imagine and create the Future You, that might or might not have a lot to do with the Past and Present You. All that, you’ve been dragging along your whole life, gives you a sense of fake fullness, clutter, that fills in lines of your organizer, but leaves you soul constantly longing for more, for meaning, for fulfillment, for exciting and extraordinary.

You know, why it’s so easy to start keeping tidy a new empty apartment, rebuilding it from scratch, one piece at a time, creating the exact picture your present self wants to live in? Much easier than decluttering your old place and then re-building it (that ends up being more of re-decoration, not a core change)?

It’s so easy, because you let it all go, holding on to nothing, letting yourself be driven by the exciting future image only. Not by the regret of old photographs.

Life in NYC shook me hard, grounded me, turned me into an adult realizing, that I am the one and only in charge of my life. The city took me through a lot, from being homeless and lonely, to hungry, to jobless and paperless. I felt like nothing. Nobody.

Right now for me it is:

Being a recognizable voice/educator/researcher/advocate of healthy living and healthy food in 21st century

Being a fitness model and fitpreneur

Having my healthy food company and brand set up and running

Having my book published by a publisher

Getting my financies in order, my visa etc.

Bringing my family to visit here

You might think, moving to another country to figure yourself and your life out is a drastic measure, normal people don’t do that, but maybe you too need a hurricane, destroying everything you thought you were, leaving nothing behind, instead of a rainy day, washing the surface removing the dust. To find your core, your essential center, your true North, to start feeling and living your Present Self building your Future…

Healthy living trivia

1. We sculpt the shapes with weights, working on each muscle with a total focus on the end result. The shapes come through when the diet follows.

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2. You can’t skip the details — healthy lifestyle, getting Sun is essential! To create the body you want.

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3. Perfect Glutes and Hamstrings for many women is the hardest part — heavy lifts, no cheating with food is the only way. That’s where real hard work shows.

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4. My simple lunch when I have no time or desire to cook.

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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