Less exercise — Less bone mass — Less oxygen — Less energy for YOUR life.

Why you MUST Lift for Life!

It hit me this morning all of a sudden!

The connection between exercise and increased energy levels.

My brain made a connection, that hasn’t been there before.

It probably has a lot to do with books I’m reading, like Packing for Mars by Mary Roach, Disease Delusion, 10% Human, The Ketogenic Bible, Designed to Move, Head Strong …, all the magazines and podcasts I expose myself to. Often I have those moments, when everything just clicks! Giving the complex nature of my life mission, 1000-Year-Young lifespans and health in space, I got to learn a lot from different sources, even remotely related.


I’ve realized this morning, that the reason, why lifting weights has such a positive effect on energy levels of people, who practice it (one of the reasons), the reason is quite straight-forward.

NASA has shown us, that being in space, micro-gravity environment, makes us, humans, lose bone mass. Six month will give you approx. 15–20 % bone mass loss. (One of the reasons, why long-term space travel is a scary perspective at the moment. In what condition would we arrive to Mars, if we were to go now?)

What does life in space, NASA, all of it has to do with you, your life on Earth, and your energy levels?

NASA also has studied and is studying people, on purpose making them immobile, confining them to bed, extreme form of sedentary lifestyle, very similar to what you experience in space — lack of gravitational influence on your physiology, and in particular, your bones.

NASA’s studies have shown us, that inactive lifestyle (the more extreme the faster the rate of the deterioration) here on Earth causes our bones to thin and muscles to atrophy.

Now things get interesting…

Did you know, that one of the functions, that your bones perform, besides giving structural support to all of your vital organs and systems, — one of the major functions of your bones, more specifically bone marrow, is creation of red blood cells?

And what do red blood cells do?

Carry oxygen to all of your cells and take the carbon dioxide to the lungs to transport out of your system.

And what do your cells do with oxygen once they get it?

Besides the act of breathing, your cells need oxygen to produce ATP, aka energy molecule, that your body uses to perform … any function. No energy — You are dead.

You might have thought, that glucose, or fat, or protein, or any calorie source gives you energy, but actually, you can’t make any energy without oxygen and the act of cellular breathing.

No oxygen — No energy — You are dead.

And the total result of our thought process becomes:

Less exercise — Less bone mass — Less red blood cells — Less oxygen — Less energy –

You are closer to dying and lacking energy for life.

Pretty cool, ha?

And of course, the best exercise to build up your bones and bone marrow — weight-bearing exercises. That’s why lifting heavy objects on a regular basis is so great for your energy levels!

Why did you think I love starting my days in the gym? Not so much for the “fun” of pain and lifting, even though it does boost my confidence too…

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Healthy living trivia

My WOD 8/25/2017

Weights and Flexibility — Two things you can’t skip! If you are here for the long run.

Did you know, that drinking coffee 3–4 hours before your lunch, aka for breakfast, makes you eat less for lunch? Especially if it’s bulletproof coffee. Easy weight-loss/cravings-destroyer hack!

That’s what my usual day of food looks like.

On a mission to create the healthiest, super-food enriched, brain-performance enhancing, six-pack-friendly, totally delicious and seductive chocolate — got some trial-finalising-the-recipes-sugar-free raw material!

We are reading.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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