Life as an interval workout.

Save time, work out less, get fitter leaner faster.

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It’s about interval workouts again.

But workouts of a different kind. Lifestyle workouts. Workouts you include in your daily life. Workouts, that need no equipment, memberships or even workout clothing.

Just you. Just life. Just moving.

A lot of you might think I spend lots of time working out intensely. Sweating for a couple of hours every single day.

Not really. I’m lazy — I do what’s enough, smarter, enjoying it.

The smarter I get with my workouts — the less time and effort is needed to get fitter and look better.

Yes, I love working out every day. That’s how I like to start my day.

But it’s not some insane workout for 2 hours every day. In fact, I don’t remember when I spent 2 hours working out the last time.

1 hour is my workout time. It’s either weight training (you know, all the dumbbells and barbells) for 45 minutes or so, some abs, some stretching and 10–15 minutes of HIIT cardio a few times a week, or it’s yoga or dancing. Or something like roller-blading in the summer, or a hike. Short bursts of intense effort with rest in between.

Then I’m helping other people to train better, I talk and answer questions, helping others to eat and live better, think better, making videos, taking pictures.

I love this morning routine, and except for those intense moments of effort, overcoming pain and discomfort, conditioning my body to get fitter — it’s pure joy!

My secret to looking and feeling like an athlete, doing nowhere near as much “official work” — what I do the rest of the day.

What do I do?

I move like it’s a workout, any chance I get.

Catching a train in NYC subway? Run up and down the stairs, like I’m late for the most important meeting of my life, training my reaction, finding my way through people’s traffic.

At the traffic lights? Blinking red? Run to the other side of the street, like I’m setting a speed record.

Need to do grocery shopping? Equally distribute weight for both hands and take a longer faster walk home.

Need to get somewhere a couple of dozens blocks away? Comfortable shoes and it’s faster to get there on feet than any other way.

Meeting? Nice day outside? Take the meeting for a walk — the brain works better, plus dopamine is flowing, making learning and idea-generation times better.

Working at your desk? Take a walk up and down the stairs every hour, go discuss some business with a colleague, or make a business call standing, take a longer walk to drink a glass of water, stretch, squat a couple of times every 30 minutes.

Meeting friends? Go play ping pong or something. Take a dance class together, or dance to your favorite music outside in the park for no particular reason. Why does it have to be sitting in a bar or a restaurant all the time? Boring! Plus the habit cuts a few years of your life done consistently.

Run, walk faster, squat, jump, stretch, living your life — people are designed to move.

And that’s how I get fitter and leaner, saving time, working out less, enjoying myself.

Life is meant to be fun!

Get moving!

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Healthy lifestyle trivia

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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