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Daily Health Today.

Daily Choice to Healthy You.

Hang in there.

You are almost there.

Just one last push.

I always believed that we can learn the lessons we are here to learn from any life experience. As long as we are fully aware of the present moment. As long as we live in the NOW not lingering in the past or running into the future.

We can be washing dishes our whole life being fully present, and we’ll learn much more than CEO of a big company, running from past to the future, always busy with anything BUT life now.

I lift weights often. That’s part of me — lifting weights. I don’t believe I was fully myself before I started working out in the gym consistently with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells — anything heavy. I first got into the gym when I was 13 or so. A friend of mine asked me to join her, because she wanted to lose some weight, tone up her belly. I thought it’s not going to hurt me either to improve the shape of my bum and tummy. Besides I loved to exercise, I was quite active all my life, thanks to my father and his love for exercise.

We went to the gym and I immediately fell in love with the whole routine, results I was getting, amazing feeling of self-satisfaction, accomplishment, progress. I loved the people there also. Most of them. Not the ones who go to the gym to socialize but true, committed gym heroes, ready every day to do more, to be better, to challenge themselves.

After a while my friend lost interest and stopped going to the gym. I haven’t stopped since then. 15 years now. Never had more than 3 days off from the gym since then. No matter where in the world I am, no matter how busy or unpredictable my life gets. For me lifting weights (not necessarily at the gym) is as essential, or maybe even more, as food. I can’t perform well if I don’t lift. I get cranky, dissatisfied, anxious.

I lift to live. When I lift I’m fully present. It’s my meditation. When I lift, squat, bench-press, do dead-lifts — I live. I can’t think of anything else. I am this moment.

Every time I lift I come up with ideas for writing, for business, for art, for relationships — for almost every area of my life. I get the answers to all of my questions lifting. It works like magic every single time.

It feels like all the words, everything I want to say, or ask are stuck somewhere in my body and by lifting I squeeze it all from my body into my blood and my mind.

I learn about life a lot lifting.

I want to share 10 life lessons I learned lifting.

The bigger the goal the more resistance we have to overcome.

Want to get stronger? Bigger? Leaner? Fitter? The bigger the goal we have, the more work we have to put in. No Exception.

Same in life. If we shoot for the stars, results above average, one way or the other we will have to put more work in. Some of us might be more talented or have better chances but the rule still applies. If we take a person, the bigger the goal they have, the more good quality work they have to put into it.

We don’t build the muscles by sitting and thinking about it. We take actions, we lift, we work out against resistance, against gravity — that’s how the muscles are built.

We want to get better at anything in life? Our career? Our art? Our relationships? There is no chance we will get better if we don’t go through some challenges first and build the competence and the skill set needed. If we were already qualified to have what we want in life, we would have it. Anything worth having comes from hard work.

The weaker our muscle is, the more of consistent training it needs.

Very often we tend to work the muscle that is already pretty strong and we are proud of the progress there. But most of the time the most progress we will see when we work on our weak links, although that might not be as pleasant and pleasurable for our ego.

Don’t be that guy with chicken legs in the gym. Work on all the skills you need to be happy in life, no matter how hard it might be to start and be a complete beginner.

We don’t work out once and get fit and lean body for life. Only consistent practice is a guarantee of consistent results. If you don’t use it — you lose it.

We don’t get to be good writers, good entrepreneurs, good artists or good dancers for life. If we don’t practice our craft — we will suck at it eventually. No matter what level of mastery we reach. If we don’t use it — we lose it. The same with career, we can’t rest on our laurels, we’ll lose our skills and someone will make us move…down the ladder usually.

Doing the same thing over and over and over again doesn’t bring us progress. Working outside our comfort zone and our routine — that’s where progress starts.

Our muscles get conditioned, get used to the same movements, same workouts, same weight. If we do the same workout day in and day out at some point we will stop seeing progress. The only way to fix it — get uncomfortable again. Lift more, change the routine, do something different.

When we work on business or personal project for some time — we can’t stay in our comfort zone doing the same thing over and over again. We need to go further, try new things, improve constantly OR we move nowhere and we lose what we have.

We can’t do everything we want today, lift as heavy as we want today, BUT we can build up to that one step at a time.

We might not be able to lift 100 kg today but we might lift 50 kg today and build up to 100 kg over time. And maybe from there go even further. We need to prepare our body for the heavy load step by step, so when we attempt to deal with 100 kg, our muscles are strong enough.

When we aim for a big goal in life we need to build the “muscle” too to handle the load. That’s why to make millions we need to learn how to handle thousands first. We can’t jump from being a company of one person to a company of million people. We can. But we won’t survive. Just like with weights. We can attempt to lift 100 kg but most probably it will kill us.

The essential part of any progress is not only the work itself, but good-quality recovery and rest also.

Actually during the workout our muscles don’t grow at all. We condition our body, muscles, skeletal system to handle the workload by lifting weights, we tear our muscle tissue. But the progress, muscle growth happens when we rest, when we release and let go.

Are you stuck and can’t achieve your career or business goals? Might be the time to take a vacation. Let go off the grip. Let your mind rest and recover. You will be surprised how good quality rest might improve your results, give you amazing ideas and propel you forward.

Less work with the right technique always produces the results faster than more work with the wrong technique.

Before embarking on the journey check the map, adjust the sails and make sure you are in the right boat. If we do the wrong action, the wrong movement no matter what project we attempt to do, no matter how hard we work, it will not move us where we want to go or will move us there very slowly. Doing something fast and often doesn’t guarantee the results. Doing the right thing consistently will move us there.

When I see people in the gym having no technique whatsoever and doing so much of the wrong stuff I’m not surprised they have no real progress to show. Doing more of the wrong stuff does not bring the results faster. It slows down the progress.

Two small steps forward is always better than huge leap forward with huge leap back.

We can exhaust ourselves every workout and make ourselves sick at the gym. It won’t guarantee the fastest biggest progress. We’ll collapse and will have to take time off to recover losing results. But if we work with proper intensity and consistency, nothing crazy, recovering properly — we’ll move ahead much faster seemingly going slowly.

Some people think that running will help to lose the most weight and walking is a waste of time. But studies show that people who walk regularly are more likely to stay healthier and fitter than runners. Why? Because they don’t get injured that often, they don’t collapse, they recover properly and actually enjoy the workouts more — that helps them to stay consistent and reap results year after year.

Don’t rush in life. Do what makes you happy, work hard, work every day and the results will come. Forget about runners, pushers and always busy people. You’ll reach results faster and will stay happy doing it.

It’s always the hardest before the end.

When we do that last set, that last repetition, it’s painful, it’s hard as hell but you know what? Those few lasts moves will give the most result, that what will move us the fastest towards our goals.

Just before we reach our career, life, relationship goals there is always pressure building up, we are already tired but we got to push (just like giving birth to babies) to give birth to our ideas and projects. Just before we hit the jack-pot we will want to give up the most.

Daily Health Today.

Daily Choice to Healthy You.

Hang in there.

You are almost there.

Just one last push.

We can learn everything from anything.

Learning is not an opportunity or a talent — it’s a mindset.

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