Millennials Marketing. Are YOU doing it right?

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I was browsing through the usual pile of sell-letters/newsletters, whatever, emails trying to sell me anything from ideas to products to signs of status (that by the way I do not care much about) — I got that insight I am about to share.
Most modern marketers aim at baby-boomers and are stuck in the past. They don’t get it.
We, Millennials, do NOT buy like they did, we don’t need and DO NOT want you to sell to us like you did before, to them. And if you are a Millennial struggling to apply those last era methods — quit it, it’s past. So past. So outdated. So lost on us.

Be Findable. Be Best. — The rest leave to us. Millennials.

That’s how we want to be interacted with.
We know what we want (at least now).
We hate to be used and pushed into something we are not. We’ll hate YOU for this!
And when we need or want something — we need the BEST OFFER (price/quality/convenience) AND we’ll find it.


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