My secret sauce of body-sculpting.

THE QUESTION to ask before your workout.

I rock the gym, when I go there.

Friends often tell me, “You’re like a machine, or a warrior”, when I work out. I go non-stop — weights the heaviest, abs till it burns, cardio fast fun and painful.

What can I say? I’m on purpose!

Do you know why gym is my best life school? I learn more about life there, than anywhere else — if only I applied all the lessons to all the other areas of my life just as easy — I’d be a millionaire with perfect abs healthifying the world already… but that’s a story for another day.

I get the exact results I want in the gym.





Thinner waist?


Wider, well-defined back and nice bum for perfect proportions?


Jean-Claude Van Damme like split?


Why do I hit my goals every single time in the gym?

Consistent efforts, knowing why it’s important to me, changing and adapting till I find the solution that works, always learning and looking for improvement strategy, learning from the best … — YES! to all that.

But you know what’s the most important part?

The secret sauce?

I have a very clear answer to one simple question.

“Why do I train?”


What is the purpose of my training? What is the goal? What is the vision for every single workout?

I know my answer.

Every single day.

It doesn’t make any sense for me to go to the gym without knowing what the goal for today is.

Do I want to lose weight? — That’s not a good goal by the way. Kitchen is your gym for that one.

Do I want to create nice firm round bum?

Do I want to create beautifully defined back? What muscles do I want to work on to create the exact look I want?

Do I want to make my waist thinner and see more definition in my lower abs?

Do I want my triceps to show up more?

Do I want to run faster sprints? Jump higher? Do handstand pushups? Do unassisted pull-ups?

What is the goal?

Why do I train today? This week? This month?

The questions never stop.

Life and changes never stop.

You wouldn’t go to work to do whatever, hoping to hit your goals accidently doing stuff, would you?

Maybe it’s time to have a purpose, well defined and measurable, actionable, time-constrained for better evaluation goal?

Maybe it’s time to answer one simple question, that’s going to change everything about your training and results you get.

Why do YOU train?

And for me it might be the time to do the same for my business and career, for my relationships. — Areas, that need the most improvement.

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