New SET POINTS. Why you keep gaining weight.

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New Set points.

NO-Cardio Smart and Fast Fat Loss.

What is it all for?

Yesterday, while walking I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts — The James Altucher Show. The guest was one of the smartest and most caring person on Earth, in my opinion, — Seth Godin.

The show was about THE WORK. Work that every one of us came here to do. When we make an effort to find out what it is — we all know what it is we got to do at the moment to make this world a bit better, a bit more interesting, to change it in our own unique way — to leave a dent.

The most important takeaway for me was this question, “What is it for?”

What is it for — whatever it is we do. What’s the purpose? What are you trying to do? To change? Who are you trying to lead? Where?

These are great questions to ask yourself to find out what you want to do with your life at the moment. And also to improve the quality of your work.

I’m far from having good answers to these questions. But I’m aware of them more now and my mind keep working on them directing the work I do, designing my life, giving me ideas of the next step, of things to try.

Something to think about over the weekend and this last month before 2017 comes…

7 AM in the morning.

Walking home after my workout.


There is so much information about best cardio for fat loss and weight loss — HIIT, sprints, full body workouts, steady pace long cardio BS, different machines, time intervals — I’m aware of them and it’s good to know, to try. I’ve done my fair share of cardio in life, ran marathons, and lots of sprinting. And I do it from time to time when I have extra energy and time (NOT marathons anymore). But most of the days I do no cardio — just walking where I need to go, taking the stairs, sprinting to cross the street at the red light. Staying lean never felt easier. I wasn’t that lean when I ran marathons back in Thailand.

How do I manage to stay lean?

It’s all about what you put in your mouth.

If you are not a fan of additional cardio in your day — just eat right. It’s so much easier. Easier than running miles day after day after day… I have my food guide, a list of foods I eat — that’s it. If I need to get even leaner, I’ll do more squats and stop eating so many cashews (That’s like my favorite food ever! After chocolate).

And believe me I’m not gifted with lean physique.

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When I eat crap — I look and feel like crap. No exceptions here. So don’t think I’m different — I just learned what works and doing it.

Smart/Fast Fat Loss.

Right now I’m training to work as a pro fitness model. I have a certain physique in mind that I want to see in the mirror very soon. That physique requires me to be a bit leaner and have more muscle mass in some places.

What do I do to get leaner without destroying my health and going crazy? Without hitting the wall and still enjoying life?


First one is obvious — I stick to my food list.


But then also I allow my body to transition slowly. I don’t go from 20% body fat to 12% overnight. I gradually set new “SET POINTS”.

Our body get used to certain weight and fat percentage. And it returns back to it all the time — after we eat too much or we diet and lose too much too fast.

How do we change that set point to return to a better, leaner place?

Get leaner a bit, say 1–2%. Maintain it for a while.

Get leaner another 1–2%. Maintain it for a while again.

That way the body doesn’t go through too much stress and adjusts the set point without plateaus and resistance. Weight loss does not plateau, if you use this lose-stop-lose-stop principle. You kind of create your own plateaus, giving your body the time to re-adjust and re-distribute its resources figuring out new ways of functioning.

Our body is not as speedy as our mind. You might want to lose it all over night. You might even have the willpower and drive to do what’s necessary. But your body is a machine that tries to ALWAYS save available resources — energy. And permanent changes in metabolism and body composition take energy.

Want a new physique permanently?


Most women lose their period getting really lean. Guys can lose sex drive and start wasting muscle instead of maintaining or gaining, fertility decreases too, although not in such obvious ways — that’s because they lose weight too fast. Not because they are too lean (Of course I’m not talking about extreme shape of bodybuilding competitors)

Want to get leaner? Fast and Smart? Healthy and still smiling? Still able to think?

Eat clean. Train. Get lean. — New Set Point.

Stop. — Maintain.

Train. Get leaner. — New Set point.

Stop. — Maintain.

This also allows your mind to relax, when you are in the maintain phase, eating more healthy foods. You don’t get crazy cravings, don’t feel like you need cheat-crappy-food days. And your body doesn’t start fat storage program either. Fat Loss becomes much more relaxed process. You almost don’t notice it. It’s kind of fun though to see how your body transforms — see new muscle here or there. It’s kind of fun! :)

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


What’s it all for?

And here is an extra Bite of Health.

I don’t do much cardio and don’t take any fat burning supplements to get lean. But I do take things occasionally that can assist my body in releasing and burning fat for energy with additional benefits — mostly just to experiment and “it wouldn’t hurt” strategy.

Main work is in the gym and the kitchen!

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