No challenge — No growth.

True in a gym. True in life.

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Do you think, if you work out consistently and eat healthy, you will get better and better?


Never gonna happen.

Here is a familiar story…

You start working out consistently. You even start to enjoy yourself.

You start eating much healthier, you ditch sugar for good, stop drinking soda, stop eating bread and pastries. You even start to enjoy eating healthy and learning more about the foods that taste good AND make you look and feel good.

You start seeing results.

It’s all going great!

And then one day you notice that the same routine doesn’t change anything anymore.

You do the same workouts. You don’t skip your gym days. And you are more consistent than you’ve ever been.

You eat the same healthy and don’t binge. You don’t have fall-off-the-wagon days. You eat better than you’ve ever eaten before.

But nothing changes anymore.


Don’t be.

It happens to everyone.

Sometimes we call them plateaus. I call them set points.

What does it mean?

Your body got adjusted to your new lifestyle, your body found balance and what you do now is not challenging anymore. You got stronger and healthier (probably lighter). And what you do is not challenging anymore — that’s why you don’t change.

Human-beings are comfort-seeking creatures.

Our body is designed to seek safety and comfort, and save as much energy as it can, because energy is everything. Energy is a currency of life itself.

Change, any change, in body composition especially, requires energy, and if there is no need for it, for a change, no challenge to meet — there will be no change.

So how to break through plateaus? Set a new set point?

Challenge yourself and your body — that’s the only way to progress.

Your muscles and strength will not grow indefinitely, unless you challenge them indefinitely.

You will not burn fat at the same rate indefinitely on the same lifestyle plan, unless you constantly make adjustments till you reach your goal.

You know why they say, “It never gets easier, you get stronger”?

Not because the same workout will always challenge you the same way.

But because, as you get stronger, to continue growing — strength, size, stamina and endurance — you will have to find more challenging things to do. If you want the progress.

Maintenance is easy. That’s why most people never change.

If change didn’t require a challenge, if change was easy — everyone would do it.

Challenges is THE ONLY way to any progress in any area of our life.

You either do it or you don’t.

Aftermath and analysis come AFTER the challenge is over.

My YouTube, 5 min, New York Sunday morning, 24hourfitness.

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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