Nobody got a free ticket to life.

Your gorgeous body has a price. Ready to pay it?

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A girl in the gym,

“I wish I had abs like yours.”

“You do have abs like mine. You just don’t see them yet”, me jokingly.

I went on explaining some of the basics of building abs in the kitchen and “what you put in your mouth” type of workouts.

I wish for many things too, things I don’t have, things I lack, things I believe I need. But I’m not ready to pay the price for many of those things.

I’m not talking about money prices here. Not at all.

I’m talking about the work that is required to get anything in life. Even to get up out of bed each morning — we need to spend energy. Even to breathe.

Even trees have to do lots of work to survive. The better their strategy to produce necessary food from sunshine, water and nutrients is, the better their strategy to adapt to the environment is, spreading leaves one way or the other to capture more Sun, sharing their resources with others in need because working together gives everyone a better change to survive and prosper — the better they are. That’s some work and long-term planning!

That body you want, that achievement you want — that all has a price. Smarter choices, better commitment to your lifestyle and yourself, the right priorities, saying NO to less important even though tempting and exciting, saying YES to hard work that matters to you — everyone has to pay a price. One way or the other. If one ever wants to change and achieve something, create something, be something else, explore the self and the world.

Nobody got a free ticket to life.

Even being born is not the most pleasant experience. Lots of pain, lots of pushing, lots of uncomfortable situations to learn how to live and survive.

Of course you can be stupid sometimes and overpay — we all do that because we don’t know better. Or you can be smarter, learn and research more and pay less to get what you want, work less but smarter. But no matter what, you will have to work.

The bigger the change — the more work it requires.

What you put in — that you get out.

As you sow so shall you reap.

It was true a millennia ago. It’s still true now.

“I wish I had…”

Almost always you can have that. But are you ready to pay the price?

And maybe even more important, “Will you enjoy paying that price? Or will it make you miserable?”

Sometimes it’s just not worth it. For you.

Look. I like to be really lean. But then I love working out and eating healthy too. And enjoying lots of food never appealed to me that much. Physical performance, vibrant energy, sharp mind, youthful and energetic body, that can do almost anything you ask for — that always was my thing. Yes, it takes work. But I fucking love it! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Day 21. Cover Fitness Model.

I spent the morning in the gym. The most difficult part was getting my ass to the gym. Once I’m there — I’m in the flow. I love the pain, the sweat, the results — all of it!

That’s what I’m talking about. I love paying the price for the results I’m getting. Do you?

I’ll be posting a short video (video 2) on the subject today later to my new YouTube channel.

This week I’ll blog about carbs as a tool to design your body fat percentage. I’ll review some book on nutrition or health — need to choose a good one. I’ll blog about tech and apps that can make your training/weight loss better and easier. And I’ll make a trip to one of my favorite chocolate store in NYC to share with you my passion for the most delicious food on Earth, that is also healthy and lean, when you know how to choose — chocolate is not about sugar.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


Is it worth it for YOU?

And here is an extra Bite of Health.

Try adding Cacao Nibs to your shakes, yogurts, desserts for extra crunchiness, brain enhancement, mood boost, fat burning and chocolate yumminess!

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