People like you get there one piece of cake at a time.

Why I believe you need to quit junk food and inactive lifestyle cold turkey right NOW and be ON IT every single day.

Because a frog doesn’t jump out of boiling water. If you warm it up slowly.

Do you really think, you’ll become obese, old and fragile, barely moving, losing your memory, overnight?!

Do you really think, obese people are OK with GETTING obese, when they give in to their weaknesses little by little, one candy at a time, a couple of days with no exercise, with some junk food here and there on some honorable occasion? One small candy at a time? One inactive day at a time?

Do you really think, most people get obese eating like pigs daily doing nothing? Completely not like you… Right?!

Most obese people were once just like you, worrying a bit about their sticking out belly while putting some clothes on, not fitting perfectly their previous size, eating just like everyone else a candy here, a candy there, a TV or movie night, a birthday party, a wedding …


The choice to change is now or never.

It’s not on Monday, it’s not when holidays or birthday parties or etc occasions are over! — There is always something to celebrate, a reason to eat more. The time is NOW! Put down that piece of cake, cookie or pizza, right f*ing now and go for a walk… even better run…RUN! From your adversity, from your obese mediocre self, living half a life!

Get up NOW!

I want you to get obsessed with health, fitness, rest and recovery, healthy food, your healthiest, leanest, fittest and happiest most energetic you!


Because if you don’t, you’ll boil yourself to obesity, fragile and senile retirement, one candy at a time, one piece of pizza on the couch in front of TV at a time.

The choice is daily.

And it’s NOW.

Daily Bite of Health.

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


And here is an extra Bite of Health.

How Tommie Whitaker Shed 100+ Pounds WITHOUT Exercise

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Why you should listen (to learn) –

It’s strange but true: Tommie Whitaker has lost 108 pounds in just 13 monthswithout exercise. Instead, he’s rocking out in the kitchen and fueling with real food from The Wild Diet.

When this Atascocita high school teacher watched our ABC TV Show in February of 2016, and he thought The Wild Diet “sounded pretty good.” Bacon burgers, fresh produce, sweet potatoes, homemade pies, and hearty feasts in the evening.

After Tommie watched Kurt Morgan drop 87 pounds in 14 weeks with The Wild Diet on ABC, he was ready. Tommie, his wife and son doubled-down on the Wild lifestyle.

Now, just over a year later, he’s down 108 pounds and counting! He might just break the Wild weight loss record — he blew me away 70+ pounds ago!

Tommie is an inspiration, always eager to pay it forward and help others with their own transformation.

Listen in, and you’ll hear about:

  • Why Tommie and his wife quit “cheat meals”
  • The toughest thing to change when you switch to the Wild lifestyle
  • What Tommie tells his friends when they ask about his stunning fat loss
  • Simple tricks to eating Wild on a budget
  • And more!


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Coach. Nutrition. Health. Weight Loss. Flexible Keto. Food Consultant. HEALTH FOUNDATION - FREE 📧EMAIL COURSE https://bit.ly/TeamLean

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