OMAD Lifestyle: One Meal A Day. Fat loss. Training.

I get different questions about my OMAD, One Meal A Day, lifestyle.

Aren’t you hungry all the time?

Is it healthy for you?

Can you train a lot on this diet?

Can you lose ONLY fat following this diet? Without training?

What and when do you eat exactly?

Let’s make one thing clear at the beginning. We, human “animals” were never designed to eat on a schedule, to graze all the time, to eat 3–5 meals a day.

How can you even imagine it being possible at all, for all the thousands of years of our evolution, until very recent times, with supermarkets appeared on every corner open 24/7 and all the shipping and storing technology?

Imagine there are no supermarkets and you have to hunt all your food — you’d get up and go hunting or gathering stuff, not start worrying about having no energy and needing a breakfast to function at your BEST, you’d have to show up for hunt your BEST before you deserve ANY food, if you are lucky.

Eating 1–2 meals a day is much more natural for our metabolism and health.

The only reason, why so many people need to eat often throughout the day, like grazing cows, actually a couple of reasons. One: everyone does it, it’s a part of culture and cultural habits. Two: you conditioned your metabolism, your hormones in a way, that keeps your hungry, conditioned yourself for never-ending hunger with the kinds of foods you eat (full of carbs and sugar and other processed, nutritionally empty ingredients) and with the timing and eating/lifestyle habits.

After a few weeks of following OMAD lifestyle, you don’t feel hungry, your body learns to use your fat storage for fuel, as it was designed to do, for optimal function and survival.

Even Gary Vaynerchuk, who couldn’t care less about diets, except eating good quality food, he eats once a day (mostly to save time), and has no problems sticking with it. Obsession with meals and food is an unnecessary redundant luxury and inefficient use of one’s time.

So, no, I don’t feel hungry.

Is it healthy?


Recent research and studies show, people who do any kind of fasting, not eating anything for longer periods of time, are ultimately healthier and live longer. And they are usually leaner and happier too.

For people, who love training a lot, people who care about staying extremely fit, about getting stronger and retaining muscle mass.

It is challenging, I must admit, to get everything you need nutritionally in one meal, challenging for someone (especially male) who trains a lot. Just pure mechanics, it’s hard to get all that food in one meal, and it’s not about calories, because you can always add lots of fats (oils, butters), it’s about nutrients, your fiber, your vegetables, your protein, all the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals — but it’s not impossible.

I make sure, that every meal has fresh and cooked vegetables, that make up the most volume of my meal, then I make sure I eat enough protein, usually in a form of fatty fish (sardines, herring, salmon, mackerel anchovies etc) or/and eggs, and then I add as much fat as needed to build the bulk of calories, coconut and olive oils, ghee and butter — any butter or oil has 100 calories per 1TbSp at least. Just my salad dressing ends up being 300 calories.

I might add some green powder to my salad for more nutrients. I’ll have zero sugar chocolate we make (A Better Self Inc) for dessert and I’m done.

As a male, you’ll need to eat more of it, but more demanding male body usually comes with a bigger stomach and digestive capacity.

Because I do train hard every day, I feel like I need a little bit of fuel in my late morning — bulletproof coffee does it for me (Four Sigmatic coffee, Brain Octane, Ghee butter, blended). I have one of that in the morning. I have my actual meal in the afternoon, and the rest is hydration — teas, water.

I start feeling really amazing now, since I fell into this routine, that leaves me performing at high levels, never worrying or thinking about my food — that is pretty amazing.

I stopped having cravings completely with this routine. Sometimes I feel like my diet got boring and maybe I should have a “cheat” meal, but “the problem” is, I just never crave anything anymore. Except I miss cashews sometimes. That was my “cheat meal” the other night (after which I seemed to get even leaner J) — I ate a bag of dry-roasted cashews and one sugar free chocolate bar, 90 g.

That’s my routine.

9 am or so coffee (I wake up at 3.30 so this is late morning for me)

12–3 pm lunch


Would I recommend this for MAXIMUM muscle mass gain, for pro-bodybuilders and pro-athletes?

Most probably not. I’d do IF fasting but I would add one more meal and more fat with appropriate supplements.

For more detailed menu you can check out my My Fitness Pal account “CreateYourselfToday”, just add me as a friend there, and you’ll see my meals with the exact foods and amounts.

Can you lose ONLY fat on OMAD lifestyle?

You are more likely to lose more fat with this lifestyle, if it’s designed properly.

How it’s gonna work for you EXACTLY?

It depends on many factors, lifestyle, hormones, environment, age and gender, exact foods you eat and when, training etc.

You got to experiment and see. But you are definitely more likely to lose more fat on this IF (Intermittent Fasting) + High Fat Low Carb (ketogenic) diet than on any other diet.

One very important notice: I haven’t seen anyone successfully implementing OMAD diet being on a high carb diet. I don’t think it’s metabolically healthy or possible to do that, according to all the research on metabolism.

When I used to be low fat high carb — I had to graze all the f*cking time! Hated it!

Can you lose fat on OMAD diet without training?

Yes, you can, and you will, as long as OMAD diet is designed properly nutritionally. Of course you are not going to get all the benefits that come with exercise: improved metabolism, increased bone mass, beautiful muscle tone, improved cognitive functions and learning abilities, improved mood, improved cardio-vascular health … the list goes on. But you will lose fat. Definitely.

That’s my experience with OMAD diet and lifestyle.

I also had quite a few clients, mostly business people, who have no time to eat more than once a day. The ones, who ate a lot of fresh food and nutritionally rich food, even with junk food here and there, managed to maintain healthy weight without any problems. Cardio-vascular fitness and muscle mass/strength — that what they usually lacked, that, and a good night sleep. But that is another story…

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Healthy living trivia

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My mom asked me the other day, “what are you having with your coffee when you want something to #snack on #healthy ?” — The chocolate we make of course!!! Dark but sweet #sugarfree chocolate with medicinal mushrooms and cacao nibs. Delicious! On a mission to SUPERCHARGE your life!

If you ask me this is the best #cardio Just doing it a couple of times last week with the timer made a difference — 2% body fat down.

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