On details.

How coffee creamer destroys your 6-pack.

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A new client made me think about the role of details in our life — that sweetened cream in your coffee or some flavored vanilla syrup, that honey in your morning yogurt, those croutons and store-bought sauce in your salad, couple of pieces of bread in a restaurant while impatiently waiting hungry for your entrée. That juice, soda or sweetened green tea, well-deserved, after your hard workout.

You probably don’t think about that trying to lose weight, get leaner, finally see your abs or biceps, or at least get that flat stomach and firm butt.

And then you wonder — why is it? Why can’t I lose those last couple of pounds no matter how hard I try?

Details. Details. Details.

Small tiny details you don’t notice, don’t manage — you are trying too hard already, right?


Unmanaged details mess up the big picture.

A day, a week, a month — those small details, calories, unnecessary sugar — that all accumulates and messes up your results.

And you don’t even get to enjoy them, and could do easily without, or could make conscious decision to make better choice.

Sweeping your sweet creamer for a sugar free version available at the same store right next to the one you use.

Using some whole fruits in your morning yogurt instead of honey.

Getting some unsweetened good tasting almond or coconut milk for your beverages and shakes instead of god-knows-what.

The choice of my client instead of dairy. Lower in calories, lower in carbs, no sugar — amazing taste!

Eating a handful of nuts during the day, so you don’t feel like a starving lion arriving to dinner and grazing on that bread basket.

You could do it. Will you?

Details matter. Details are easy to change. Details add up to big results.

I believe in simple things.

I believe in better smarter healthier choices.

I believe in your smartness.

Don’t count every calorie in your healthy meals. Don’t measure every piece of food you put in your mouth. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t look for that magic shake that will somehow make you build lean body and burn fat. Don’t stick to some crazy monotonous and boring meal plan that makes your life blend and colorless.

But don’t be stupid either — don’t get screwed up by small details that you don’t even care about!

Make better smarter choices every time you get an opportunity to choose health or … whatever.

Skip that sugar. Drink water — stop drinking sugar-calories. Eat whole foods — fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Eat good fats — they will help you burn YOUR fat and keep sanity and smile on your face. Skip the bread. Skip pasta. Know what’s in your food. Enjoy life and good food. Enjoy the sugar that you care about and REALLY enjoy once in a while — a fancy restaurant and chef’s masterpiece dessert, or some handmade pure bliss dark chocolate fondue shared in a good company.

Health and deliciousness is the best combo for a great body, abundant energy, vitality and happy mood.

And life full of living. Full of taste!

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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