Own less — Experience more.

Cheap VR, your true self and, the future everyone can afford.

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Trying to be your BEST SELF you might lose a chance to be your TRUE SELF.

I’m thinking a lot these days.

Really a lot.

Ideas and thoughts rush through my mind faster than the speed of light.

Ideas about life, about work, about people, about nature and the Universe — my brain is in a state of idea receiving, state of asking question, questions too complex to have a definite single answer that bring peace of mind.

I hear thoughts that I’ve never heard before. Like the sentence I wrote at the beginning — I’ve never thought that thought before. It was interesting to hear, because it’s the opposite to what I used to tell myself all the time.

Being our best self does not mean to be what we truly are.

Nature, everything around us worth attention, is unique and imperfectly perfect. Not the best, when we measure it against some artificial well-thought-of grading systems, but the best at that undefinable unique property that no one can put a finger on — we can only experience it in a state of awe, state of surrender to what is.

Today I wanted to share my fascination with the world that gets better every single day, if we care to open our eyes, and most importantly mind.

I am a HUGE technology geek and admirer! I love trying new technology, using it to create something awesome, playing with it discovering things, making my life more simple and easy — technology can make our life experience so much richer!

I love seeing how technology gets smarter and more beautiful, how it harmoniously enters our life transforming it forever to the point when we can’t even imagine how we lived without it.

How did I survive traveling before without Google maps not getting lost all the time? How did I survive without a mobile phone for half of my life? How did I ever manage to get a hold of people? How did I manage to finish school with almost no internet connection? How did I manage to study and enjoy music and art without YouTube and world library of images and artists at my fingerprints? How did I manage to read so much without Amazon, Kindle and e-books?

I don’t know. It must have been a dream. Not reality.

I’ve just got my Samsung VR Gear!

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I’m studying AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality), and I needed the kit for my assignments. (In my wildest dreams as a school girl I did not imagine one day studying virtual reality programming. An IPad was my biggest “I wish I had…” dream out of Star Trek reality).

When we talk about technology and the advances it offers — education, time saving, energy saving, more opportunities — we often think about downsides, that it can divide people even more. The ones who can afford it will get ahead, and the ones who can’t will be left behind, never having a chance to catch up with the speed of progress that technology creates.

And it could be true…

If companies like Grover and similar businesses and ideas wouldn’t appear making technology and all the benefits it can offer so accessible to so many people who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise — I wouldn’t be able to get this VR set now and study to be a VR developer. Now I can. Isn’t that amazing?

Instead of spending almost $1000 on the gear buying it, now I can pay $50 a month and play with it creating whatever my mind comes up with for as long as I want.

How cool is that?

What’s even cooler?

When I get bored with it, or something better appears on the market, or I don’t need it anymore, I can return VR set I got an get something new, without having to spend lots of money not really knowing if I ever need it or like it, without having to think of selling the old stuff to get new stuff, or having that nagging feeling that I’m wasting the money buying stuff having to get new stuff later.

Technology develops so fast — owning all of new gadgets will soon (actually already is) become nonsense, absolute, not possible, not desirable, wasteful.

It’s a perfect business model for a new world.

Own less — Experience more.

We don’t waste stuff — buying new things and throwing away the old things. Good for us, good for economy, good for the planet

We don’t waste money — we can try technology, play with it, return it and get new stuff without having to pay full price when all we need is a temporal experience.

We don’t waste time, energy, focus — worrying about the need of investment to purchase something costly — we can try, use it and return it.

We can afford to experience more with less.

Life gets simpler. We can experience more.

We can share all this technology, enjoy it, without creating more stuff for every single person.

I’m so happy to see this happening!

I’m so happy to be alive today when there are more and more opportunities for every single person created every day.

We just got to keep looking, keep thinking of solutions, simple and elegant, to resolve any issue in life for ourselves and/or the world, for everyone.

I wanted to study VR developing but couldn’t afford the gear for it at the moment — So I found Grover that delivered my gadgets in a day!

Check them out! They are so awesome!

And get some hi-tech toys you’ve always wanted — now you can afford it all!


And if there is an issue you have — think of the best solution, and either make it happen, or give the ideas to people who can and want make it happen — either way, you will contribute to the betterment of the world and expansion of abundance era.

Life is beautiful.

See it.

Make it happen.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

Think of how amazing the world NOW is

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