Perfect Abs Exercise.

Where most get it wrong.

Angela Shurina
4 min readJun 10, 2017


I see that in the gym all the time.

ALL the time.

Unlimited crunches or leg raises, or unlimited any exercise. If you can do the exercise more than 20 times without feeling, that it’s hard — it’s the wrong exercise for you. If you seek ANY kind of progress — strength, endurance or muscle building, muscle definition.

And especially “No pain — no gain” is true, when you are trying to build that muscle, that perfect six pack.

You can do unlimited crunches and proudly perform hundreds of them in one sitting?

It might be a great strategy for record setting, but I doubt it’s your goal, is it?

If you want to have defined abs, if you want to see separation and those squares on your abs — you got to work on it. HEAVY. With pain.

Abs, just like other any other muscle, responds the best, when you overload it with heavy weight work. I’m not saying you got to use a lot of weight, dumbbells, ankle weights, cable machines etc., you just got to find exercises, that hit your core the right way — 15–20 reps max for one movement in one set, maybe combined into a super-set with other movements, hitting abdominals at different angles, different parts of abs, that’s what I love doing, combining moves hitting upper abs, middle, lower abs and obliques.

One of my to-go abs routine is a super-set, consisting of BOSU crunches with 5.4 kg ball, concentrated leg raises (no relaxation in the upper or down position, core flexed), trunk rotations with 3–5 kg ball or disk. 20–30 repetitions max, to failure.

You got to feel pain at the end! Your abs MUST be burning, if you ever to see those lines separations. Don’t want to feel pain? Give up the idea of having six pack! No pain — no gain!

Yes, if you don’t take care of your diet, you won’t see any abs in the near future.

Yes, you got to do your cardio, HIIT is best for that.

But you also got to get a good abs workout for stunning six pack. PAIN-rich abs workout.

There is no best exercise for the core. What works for me, might not work for you. So don’t listen to know-it-all fitness gurus, when they shovel down your throat their perfect abs routine. It’s working perfectly for them, it might be a disaster for you.

I want you to remember one VERY important point.

If some part of your body gets tired faster than you feel your abs, and you got to stop because of that, not because of abs’ exhaustion — wrong move! Try a variation, a different exercise, anything to exhaust abs faster than any other part of your body involved.

One more thing to help you to see more progress faster.

Use pain as your guidance. You want to see more definition in your upper or lower abs? Obliques (sides)? Find moves, that give you the most pain in the area.

And don’t feel bad, if it takes some time to find a perfect movement set for your abs. I get frustrated so often in different gyms, realizing how many of abs work benches and machines just don’t work for me! I feel my hips, my arms — anything BUT my core.

Keep searching! Your perfect abs workout is out there!

Here is an exercise database with videos to get you started.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

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