“… perfection is sort of boring.” — Seth Godin

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Perfection. We want it. We chase it. We crave it. We need it.

Every day we try to get better at being perfect.

Better how? What is perfect?

Where does better and perfect begin? Where does it end? Is there an end to that chase? Is there a finish line?”

Is there any meaning behind that race for perfection? Or even undefinable “better”?

Better than what? Compared to what? Why something is better than something else?

Is what we are, what we have right now, not good enough already? With all the “imperfections”? Is life only worth living, when we get better daily?

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”

– Lou Holtz.

“Nothing endures but change; Everything flows, nothing stands still; the only constant is change.”

– Heraclitus.

“Isn’t it interesting how a plant seems like it’s either growing or dying? Just like a plant, you’re either growing or dying as well.”

– T. Harv Ecker

But does growth, change, progress always mean moving from down to up, from “worse” to “better”, from “imperfect” to “perfect”?

What about growing sideways? Growing new branches? Expanding? Embracing new frontiers of yourself, whatever those frontiers might be?

“We are either growing or dying” — one of my favorite quotes. I thought I agreed with it, understood it.

It’s boring to watch movement along straight lines, from down to up.

It’s boring to see straightforward progress.

It’s boring to see someone smart getting smarter.

It’s boring to see someone good at something becoming better.

It’s boring to watch something we expect to see. Anything that our mind can predict.

How many gold medal Olympic champions, who trained their whole life following predictable pattern of progress and success do you personally follow and know much about? Even though no doubt they do amazing things.

It’s interesting to watch unexpected and unpredictable. We are fascinated by the odd cases. By the weirdness, even though we don’t always admit it. Unpredictable makes us stop. Think. Stare. It breaks our patterns. It changes us. It challenges us.

We want to be perfect and yet we are bored by the sight of it.

We love stories. Imperfections. Scars, that makes us wonder.

We love passionately crazy and curious. And so imperfectly perfect.

We love stuff that makes us go not just “WOW!” but also “No way HE just did that!”

We think we want and love straightforward simple predictable progress, when in reality we are more interested in side-way movements.

We love seeing you going this way, that way, backward, forward, right, left, up and down, up and to the left, right and back …, ending up in a place we never expected to see you.

That makes us go, “Holy Shit!”. That makes this day worth living, remembering and talking about. Telling stories about.

That makes us come back for more.

We need EXCITING. That — makes us feel alive.

We are not interested in stories of healthy people becoming healthier and living a long happy life ever after, but we can listen for hours and hours to the stories about the ones who tried it all, were at the lowest possible and yet somehow ended up on the very top happy, joyous and most importantly…excited!


We wish for the perfect life, perfect relationship, perfect body, perfect job, perfect kids…

And yet only the imperfect makes our life worth living. It makes us stop counting the number of breaths we take and start talking about the moments that took our breath away.

Imperfect makes us feel more. Feel deeper. See clearer.

Love, like there is no tomorrow. Dance, like no one is watching. Sing, like no one is listening.

Imperfection shows us how perfect everything already is.

The fast makes the food taste perfect.

The first kiss in years makes it perfect.

Quiet makes music perfect.

Pain makes pleasure enjoyable.

Sadness makes the joy beautiful and exciting.

Imperfect makes Perfect.

Space and time, absence of things makes everything else in life so beautiful.

Let’s embrace our imperfect selves.

Everything we are trying to improve, make better, get rid of — all the imperfections, all that makes us irresistibly interesting, exciting, and for some strange reason … perfect.

Perfect is not about measurements and standards.

Growth and progress is not about moving up, from point A to point B.

Happiness is not about having more and better.

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