Put your pants on first. Shoes second.

Champion Mindset, startup and all the chocolate.

As I was getting to my computer this morning, to finally enjoy my writing, sharing what’s happening in my life right now, hopefully adding value and teaching something, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things I wanted to share, to say, to express. My brain was bubbling with ideas and thoughts.

I’m learning so much these days, so many things are happening and changing — not so long ago, together with a friend of mine, we incorporated our company, meaning, on papers officially we have a company now, A BETTER SELF INC, then through trial and error we figured out where to focus our energy and resources, what we wanted to do as a company, what legacy and impact we intended to create, then we started making our own chocolate, learning the process, learning what worked and didn’t work.

Every single experience is teaching us so much! Not just about the physics of setting up a company, defining our goals and mission to succeed, not just how to make healthy chocolate — it’s not the most important part.

The most important part happens inside, when we reflect on small details in our daily school of life.

Starting a company, doing too many things all at once, turned out to be not manageable — lesson learned, if you want to make a big change in life, start something new and big, focus on one thing at a time, mastering it, before moving on to the next.

Making real chocolate with a chocolatier taught us, that it’s not that easy, to actually make things, even when you know how to do them in your mind. Details of any craft/work are HUGELY important, and NO amount of theoretical knowledge can substitute the experience. And it always looks easier, effortless, when a master does anything, than it actually is. It also makes you incredibly humble, starting a new thing — you didn’t know you could screw up so many simple things, before getting anything right.

Starting a company is teaching me to manage my time, myself, my energy, my relationships and communications better — because it’s not optional anymore. If I’m serious about it.

I have a job as a coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, and now we’ve started a company on top of that (Kat, my business partner, has a full time, demanding, office-hours job too). And on top of that, I’m still human, not a machine, I got to take care of myself, invest in friendships and family my time and my energy, because they are HUGELY important. I got to educate myself, because that’s what got me to this point, got me work, credibility and many many opportunities, that what keeps me growing. And I also need time to chill and relax, maybe not a lot at the moment, but I require it, because I’m human.

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Prioritization is becoming essential — I can’t read, do, explore, work on everything, that comes my way, crosses my mind. I got to constantly ask myself, “Is it important enough? Does it contribute or can it contribute to the most important goals and areas of my life? Or is it just some noise and distraction, that can and must be avoided, and dealt with later, or not at all.”

Starting a company is teaching me to make fast confident choices — that requires me to know my values, what I stand for and where I’m going in ALL areas of my life. How else can you choose in life, where each of us is constantly bombarded with so many opportunities, choices, temptations, shiny bright ideas — and it’s not bad at all, it’s just … you can’t do EVERYTHING. At least not at the same time. Focusing resources, human resources, energy, vitality, mindset, emotions, other resources, like time, money, relationships and connections, focusing it all on a few areas of improvement — that’s the only way to succeed and get anywhere in life worth going.

We all have 24 hours a day.

Do your 24 hours bring you closer to the life you imagine living?

Are they taking you further away?

The life you want to live will not become a reality by itself. It requires your focus, your dedication and most importantly massive actions. Daily.

You got to DO like a champion to live a life of a champion.

I’m learning so much! Nothing like real life experience!

I highly recommend … living.

It’s fun! Creating something, going through all the challenge! It’s like a quest-game. Only the player is real you. With one life to spare to make it happen.

Watch my video to learn about my today’s “Put your pants on first. Shoes second” life lesson.

And tune in to the Kwickest Brain on the planet on Kwik Brain podcast, to learn how to grow your Champion Mindset. (Jim Kwik coached, probably, all the actors, athletes and some presidents you know, to unlock their full brain potential! [15 mins]).

If you miss my Daily Bite of Health in your inbox some days, and have no idea how to live healthier today, check out my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for Daily Bites of Health — you’ll find everything you need there to live healthier, fitter and smarter life (upgraded with your own SIX PACK).

Healthy living trivia

My WOD 8/28/2017

Weights: — That’s how you sculpt your body. (My favorite Perfect ABS exercises can be found on my YouTube channel)

We’ve created our first batch of chocolate! Now moving on to perfecting it, doing store demos and selling to healthy fit folks like you, who want to enjoy it too!

Hey, greens in gratitude for healthy chocolate — a perfect exchange :))) Greens an chocolate? Maybe it’s gonna be my new diet :)

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More people enjoying our healthy chocolate, sugar-free, superfood enriched, even with electrolytes for fitness achievements and medicinal mushrooms to upgrade your brain!!!

And more people enjoying chocolate…

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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