Remember your school recess? This fitness trend might stick.

My Fitness-Fun Sunday. Back to the playground.

Remember how at school we had physical training classes?

We used to play those fun games, working in teams, doing exercises, trying to win, to score — it was fun, it was exhausting, and it kept us super fit, energized, laughing and sweating.

When did it all stop?

And most importantly why?

Now we are adults.

I’m 30.

But who said we should stop playing? Who said that the gym, the sets, the reps, the gains, the six pack, yoga classes and meditation, pilates, who said that all of this serious adult stuff is our only option to stay fit, strong, ripped? Who said that staying fit can’t be fun?

Everything got Oh! so serious!

When did the fun stop?

Don’t you miss it?

This Sunday I realized that I definitely miss those fun fit times. When I didn’t even think of the word fit. It was all about having fun with your friends. Nobody told us back then, that we HAVE to do it, if we don’t want to get fat.

We were just playing. We were just having fun. Fit-and-strong was a side effect.

Brian Gallagher was probably thinking something similar, when he and his Ryan Wilke decided to create Throwback Fitness in New York City. Brian and Ryan wanted to stay fit but also keep playing, keep having fun and share it with others (After all you can’t play alone, can you? — No fun! Boo!). First their friends joined, then more and more people came along to play. Fun-fitness movement grew.

Throwback Fitness –

on a mission to make Fitness Fun For Everyone.

“We were tired of our own fitness routines, which had become boring, and well — routine. We had an idea to inject fun into our workouts using competition, so we decided to leave our corporate jobs (I was actually told to leave!) and give the entrepreneur path a shot. We have spent the last three years helping others transform their bodies (check these out!) and enjoy exercise.”

I definitely had fun this Sunday at Throwback Fitness.

At one competition I even scored the highest!

Hell YEAH!!!

My thighs, my legs, my arms were burning.

I lost my breath quite a few times.

Wanting-my-team-to-win kept me going.

Sweating, pushing myself, speeding up to get just one more chip to score for the team!

It wasn’t about fitness. It was about playing. It was about having fun. It was about team work. It was about making friends. It was fun. I had an amazing workout still. In fact, one of the most challenging workouts I’ve had in a while!

Who said fitness and fun, play and getting-into-your-best-shape-ever should be separate?

Who said adults can’t play?

Who said working out must be serious?

Somebody asked me the other day,

“Why if exercise is good for us we hate it so much?”

Maybe, because we do it wrong?

Throwback Fitness.

On a mission to make Fitness Fun For Everyone!

230 West 39th Street | 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10018

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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