Say bye-bye to cravings, stretch marks and 4–6 meals per day.

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I run experiments in my life all the time.

I learn a new piece of information that makes sense, that is based on science and/or experiments, that is some ancient wisdom, or just something I’m curious about at the moment. And then I apply it to my life to test. If it relates to something I want to work on.

I believe learning is all about changing our life in some way, making improvements. Otherwise why learn in the first place? Especially in the 21st century. You are not going to be a new google or wikipedia, are you?

Knowledge is NOT power. It’s a potential power — when applied correctly to our life, to a problem.

Information is only valuable, if we do something with it. Otherwise it’s just information. It has no value.

I’ve been using Brain Octane for a few months now, close to a year. 1 TBsp in my coffee. I love having fat in my coffee — coconut oil, cacao butter and coconut milk or coconut cream. I love the taste. And I love sipping it while writing or studying. I love the ritual, the taste, the texture and smell.

Recently I found out, that it also helps to fight cravings by reducing levels of hunger hormone, ghrelin!

Maybe that’s why I so easily eat once a day, and why it’s so easy for me to do intermittent fasting every day?

Also, Brain Octane helps our body to produce and use ketone bodies more effectively. Ketone bodies or ketones, that our brain absolutely loves, are used by our body and brain for energy, ketones are the end product of fat burning.

Brain Octane makes you more efficient fat burner, reducing your hunger hormone, providing your body with “cleaner” source of energy — ketones have healing properties, they reduce inflammation and don’t affect blood sugar (an issues for so many people).

More on the Bulletproof podcast here.

When I lived in Dubai, about 2 years ago, I remember listening to Tim Ferriss show during one of my evening walks. Tim was interviewing one of the best-known strength coaches, Charles Poliquin. And Charles mentioned this one remedy, that helps to get rid of stretch marks. Gotu Kola herb.

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I’ve wanted to try it since then, using the method mentioned, to get rid of a few stretch marks I got on my hips and buttocks (I got them as an exchange student in US in 2008, when I put on 10 kg in 2 months). The thing is, you got to use it for 6 months consistently. I didn’t feel like committing to the experiment back then. Now, when my life feels more manageable, I want to do it. So I’m taking 2000 mg of the herb, 1000 mg 2 times a day, 60 drops in my water. Let see what happens. Considering, where the information is coming from — I trust it will give me the results I want — no stretch marks. And perhaps fewer scars (that are left after my motorbike accident).

There is more and more research coming out from different corners of nutrition/health science about importance of having bigger space between meals.

Having less meals per day seems to be beneficial because of many reasons: overstimulation and overuse of digestive system, overstimulation of vagus nerve (connects brain to our digestive system, heart and lungs, a very important part of rest-and-digest system), that leads to increased stress levels and worse recovery/restoration, leads to ineffectiveness of body’s ability to restore, repair and recover.

There is a reason why the longest living people don’t snack all the time but have fewer meals per day.

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Having less meals per day will help you to improve your health and effectiveness of your diet, improve your weight loss results without you being perfect all the time.

And having fewer meals per day might actually benefit a lot your muscle building efforts, and reduce your recovery time. Digestion is a lot of work!

Here you go.

3 pieces of practical information, that you can start using today to:

Get rid of cravings

Get rid of stretch marks

Reduce stress, inflammation, speed up your recover time and gains in the gym, or improve faster your fitness levels, improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients, heal your digestive system, prolong your life …

Healthy lifestyle trivia

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

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