“Secret” weapon of PRO’s for fat destruction simplified.

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I met Ken in a women locker room again today.

A girl going after her dream of fitness business and having time of her life daily doing what she loves and is very passionate about.

Ken’s getting ready to compete in June as a fitness model to get her PRO athlete card.

We started talking about nutrition. People serious about body composition results talk about food a lot as you can imagine. Because that’s where visible results are!

Ken shared with me her strategy, carbohydrate cycling, that a lot of fitness models use to compete or get ready for photo shoots. Athletes tweak it — because nobody’s body is the same, fitness models learned that long time ago, and never fall for “perfect nutrition plan” theory, if they spent in the field some time.

I got pretty good results with carbohydrate cycling in my life too.

I still use it actually, just a bit different because I’m on a “fat diet”.

What’s that secret weapon of fat destruction that all PRO’s know about and use?

Very simple actually.

For 2–4 days (varies with every athlete) you lower your carbohydrate intake a lot.

And then for 1–2 days you eat more carbohydrates.

For low carb days I’d consume 20–30 grams coming from vegetables usually, or nuts, or avocadoes. The rest of my calories would come from fat and protein. I used to be afraid of fat and would consume more protein — I honestly didn’t feel that good and my training intensity would go down, and skin and hair suffered. Life would feel blend. I’d feel low on energy by the end of day 3 or 4. (Now I love my fats and it all got SO MUCH BETTER!)

For high carbs days I’d still eat healthy of course — junk is not on the menu of someone who is really passionate about healthy living and cares about their body and life. I’d eat personally all the vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts I’d care for. I’d have one day like that and then would go right back to low carb days.

I’d stay that way very lean. But my energy and training results were nowhere near where they are now, when I’m eating low carbs 20–30 g most of the days with high fat %, having high nuts/veggies days once in a while.

I never felt better. I can eat yummy dark chocolate every day and I have visible 6 pack all year round.

It’s like my personal paradise — chocolate and lots of fats every day, no hunger and 6-pack on top of that!

Want to get fitness model like physique easy and hunger free? (Takes some time to adjust and not that easy for sugar addicted)


3 low carb days.

Your food:

3–4 cups of non-starchy vegetables, 3–4 handfuls of nuts or an avocado or 2 (Yes, a whole damn avocado or 2! With all the GOOD fat!). As much as you want fatty fish, whole eggs, meats (make sure you keep you protein moderate, NOT high, eat fatty meat), you can also drink coconut milk (0 carbs) as much as you want, 0 carb low sodium kind of cheese, heavy dairy cream, if you digest it well, coconut and olive oil.

1 high carb day.

Your food:

All the non-starchy vegetables you care for, some sweet potatoes, fruits, nuts, maybe a cup of beans or rice, and all the fish, meats like in the days before.

I’m taking a 10-day 10 grams of carbs challenge (I have a few photo shoots and want to see a bit more muscle definition)

Want to take 10 with me?

You can do the cycling version 3–1–3–1–2.

What do you say?

Let’s go for it!

YOUR Lean Sexy Body is waiting for you!

Contact me for questions and details at


My YouTube VOD 33, 5 min, live, New York, 24hourfitness


Protein is over-rated.

It has NO beneficial fats, no minerals or vitamins.

Chicken breast of the sea world.

There are MUCH better choices!

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In search for a perfect chocolate bar… Healthy and incredibly delicious. OBVIOUSLY SUGAR FREE. AND. Superfoods Supercharged! WOW!

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

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