Smart? Fit? Lean? Wanna be there? HIIT!

Hitting HIIT in Central Park!

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Today is all about the most efficient and effective training protocol you can do.

Is there such a thing?

You bet there is!

It’s the best for:

Getting fitter — no matter where you start and what’s your goal

Losing weight

Burning fat

Saving time

Loving your workouts more

Having more fun

Having more variety

Having more flexibility to do it anywhere anytime

I’m not saying it’s an easy workout — nothing easy brings results.

But it’s fun! Tough kind of fun.

It’s scientifically proven to be the most effective and good-for-health-fitness-weight-loss workout out there.

Here is a book I’m finishing today with all the science your brain needs — tests, research, experiments, with all the different workout protocols for the beginners and the fittest, Olympian-athletes-alike.

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The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That’s Smarter, Faster, Shorter


High intensity interval training.

The beauty of HIIT — any workout can be turned into it.

The most important thing I want you to remember about it — intervals of the-hardest-thing-you-can-do mixed with slow-pace-recovery intervals.

Love sprinting? I DO!

Take your timer or choose a distance interval, like I did today in central park with stairs. You can do one minute on, one minute off, 30 sec on 30 sec off, 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Do 3, 5, 10, 20 of the intervals, whatever number you choose, use stairs, your favorite hill — so many possible combinations! Work your ass off for a period of time or chosen distance, rest, start again, rest.

Daily Bite of Health in Central Park New York! Up-the-stairs 40 times! YouTube

Do a warm-up and a cool-down for a couple of minutes — it takes me about 15 minutes to walk to my favorite stairs in central park — that is my warm up.

I did 40 times today! Yay!

I thought it would be easy! The stairs are not that long! I was so f*cking wrong!

I did the interval 21 times and then had to take a break to do the rest. I went around a fountain walking on the edge to practice my balance, I rested for 3–4 minutes and then started again!

19 times more!

Tough! But I did it and feeling on the top of the world!

Hard, tough but SO MUCH FUN!!!

HIIT has a bonus of boosting self-esteem, our feeling of accomplishment. They even say it in the book! That’s why so many more people love and prefer HIIT over doing everyday steady-pace cardio for 30 minutes or more, even though the intensity of HIIT is much higher.

Plus it even works better for marathon training!

Yep! Running miles and miles at a steady pace is NOT the best training for you, marathon lovers. Also proven and used by record setters. Training for a marathon? Want to win and be ahead of everyone with the latest, cutting edge training? (It’s actually ancient, just been proven recently, that’s how Roger Bannister broke his sub-four-minute mile record, doing HIIT training). Get the book and re-think your training!

The beauty of HIIT training?

You can use HIIT for cycling, walking, weight training, body weight movements like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, in-place running, jumping jacks, frog jumps, burpees, planks — you name it, anything can be made into a HIIT workout. Any place. Any time. Any or no equipment.

The beauty of HIIT training?

You can start at any level of fitness! Even if walking feels like a hell of a workout!

I remember a few years ago, recovering from my motorbike accident, broken ribs and a punctured lung, doing HIIT was exactly how I got fit fast and started training people less than in 2 months after.

Even walking fast would put me out of breath back then. 10 squats and I was about to faint.

My favorite workout back then was, it was in Koh Samui, tropical island in Thailand, I would go up my favorite hill, losing my breath, having to stop a few times before I would reach the top, and then I would go down. Soon I would go all the way up without having to stop. And then eventually I would start running up the hill.

And it was not an easy hill. But it was all worth it. And the view was a bonus.

I believe now, that it was one of the reasons, why I got back in shape so much faster than anyone expected. Healthy diet of course too — but healthy diet alone wouldn’t make my lung and body recover faster and get fitter. I demanded my body and lung to get fitter and it did. And without realizing it, I was using the most effective training protocol, that exists, and that all elite athletes use or are starting to use (More studies and research are under way).

And the elite fat burners love it too!

I stopped all my other types of cardio — check it out in my workout journals!

Because, why do anything else, if there is a workout that:

Most fun and enjoyable


Flexible — anywhere anytime any or no equipment, for any fitness level and any exercise

Most effective to get fitter and lose/burn fat

Most beneficial for our health, cardiovascular fitness?

Why would anyone want to waste time doing anything else?

Unless you truly enjoy running and running and running … for hours — some people do love it.

Hit HIIT today! That’s all I’m saying…

Healthy lifestyle trivia

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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