Start with breakfast.

Your simple start to nutrition mastery.

Has it ever happened to you?

You decide to transform, to improve yourself, your life in some fashion. You decide to, let’s say, eat healthier and lose some fat in undesirable places, and you start doing research. And … the amount of information and solutions, the amount of contradicting information is overwhelming! And of course, you don’t want to waste time and spend a lifetime, figuring it all out — you want results as soon as possible! You know it will take time, and you are ready to work for it, ready to take necessary actions, but you don’t necessarily want to waste time trying something, not seeing results, and then quitting, because it’s too confusing, too complicated, and you are not even sure, if it’s going to work for you ever, you are not even sure, if you are doing it right.

What’s the solution in this situation?

What do you do?!

Try to ask someone, who has the results you seek, how they did it, and what they would recommend for a beginner, what first steps they would take.

Here is my answer.

If you have no idea where to start, if it all seems too complicated — all these fats, proteins and carbs, low carb?, low fat?, count calories?, watch the time?, intermittent fasting? And then you start reading labels and, OMG!, what are all these ingredients?! When did food become so complicated?! What is healthy and what’s not? What’s good for weight loss? Muscle building? Even simple sugar has millions names it, how do you quit it?

My advice — start with breakfast.

How many times do you eat?

I don’t care how many, but we will transform you, one meal at a time.



Start with a healthy breakfast.

I don’t know, what you eat, but the simpler your breakfast is, the better it is for you. And your six pack.

You don’t need a bunch of carbs in your breakfast, you don’t really need to eat a lot at your breakfast at all. You’ve just had a good night sleep, you are well rested (hopefully), and your energy reserves are full, especially if you finish your day with a decent meal.

I train for 60–90 minutes each morning and this is my breakfast

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Some protein, some healthy fats with Omega-3 amino acids (brain booster) and a whole bunch of other goodness, and I’m ready to go!

Your breakfast might be different, much different. You can have vegetable omelet, some sardines with your favorite vegetables, yogurt with some berries and nuts, bacon and eggs anyone?

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Your breakfast should look like food, that once was (hopefully not too long ago) alive, growing or running.

You breakfast should have zero added sugars. Of any kind.

You breakfast should have zero grains.

If you can’t identify all the ingredients on your breakfast plate by looking at it — you have the wrong kind of breakfast.


I’d stick to black coffee or your favorite tea with maybe a spoon of coconut oil and grass-fed butter, blended-in.

If you got to have milk, this is what you are having. Or similar.

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Got it?

Don’t think about anything else. Start with a week of healthy breakfasts.

Bonus tip: ditch snacking.

Choose how many MEALS a day you have. Keep your mouth shut the rest of the day. Unless talking or singing is required.

If you need any breakfast ideas — drop me a line at Angela at CreateYourself.Today.

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Healthy living trivia

My Gym Fun this morning, WOD

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Fruit is a healthy food that helps you PUT ON WEIGHT.

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Best coconut yogurt ever. No cows or sugar needed.

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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