Steering wheel of your life.

Choose your inspirations wisely.

“You look fine! What are you working for so hard every day?”

One of my friends asked me on my way out of the gym.

“I’m not trying to look fine, or good. I’m working to extraordinary. I’m gonna be a top fitness model.”

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with self-esteem or self image. I know I look good, and, if my goal was to look just good, I’d switch to maintenance mode some time ago.

But you see, my goal is NOT to look fine or good, or even really good.

My goal is to look stage-ready. So that next time somebody with connections and ideas sees me, they offer me the job right away.

My goal is extraordinary. Right with the people at the top of fitness industry.

You want to fly with eagles? Work like they do. Live like they do. See yourself among them.

Nothing wrong with looking good and fine. It’s not everyone’s goal to work as a full time fitness/spokes model and have thriving health/fitness business and be on the covers of fitness magazines.

It’s not everybody’s job, so not everyone, at all, should do what I do.

My goal is different from 99% of goals of the people in the gym.

YES. My methods, routines, nutrition will work for almost everyone out there tweaked to their unique lifestyle and personality.

BUT. Most of you will never need to do what I do. Most of it is advanced stuff for extraordinary results I’m aiming for.

I never recommend doing what I do to anyone I work with or give advice to.

Always match your goals and your methods.

And choose your inspirations wisely guys.

I’m not looking at the people in my gym for inspiration — that’s not where I want to end up.

I’m looking through website. I’m watching videos of physique and bikini competitors to see the shapes I want to build in my body. I’m following people I want to live like and look like on my social media.

I absorb greatness anywhere I can consciously. And then my mind, the ultimate filtering machine, does the same in real life.

All of a sudden I start meeting fitness models, or competitors, or personal trainers at the top of their fitness game, or people who are working towards making their dream their reality — that inspires and motivates me even more.

I’m not looking for examples in life to make excuses, to slack off.

I’m looking for inspirations, for strategies, for advice and ideas to get to greatness and make my dream my reality.

Choose your inspirations wisely.

Our inspirations are the steering wheel of our life.

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