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Your Greens Are Coming to You, since you are not coming…


Rainy Monday afternoon.

What to do?

Check out my friends’, local NYC Urban Farmers, Demo at Elm Health of course! (Did YOU know you can be a city farmer?!). Urban Farmers on a mission to deliver the FRESHEST MOST NUTRITIOUS GREENS TO YOU. Wherever you happen to be.

Since you are not going after your greens — greens are coming to you…

Street Leafs.

The company started by an entrepreneur, your personal Urban Farmer, Jon Bernard.

Jon has been farming since he was in high school. He learned about Urban Farming/Square Roots and decided to leave an accounting career to become an urban farmer.

Street Leafs is a company on a mission to grow, harvest, and deliver the freshest greens straight to you.

Most of you, I’m guessing from personal pains, are not that enthusiastic about shopping for greens for many reasons. Even though, you know leafy greens are without a doubt the healthiest food every nutritionist worships, hustling you to eat more to improve your health, help your body heal, to get more energy and lose weight, to get fitter and stronger, to perform better everywhere. Greens, fresh leafy greens, are without a doubt an acclaimed superfood.

But how to get the fresh ones? The ones, that last more than a day after you buy them?

What if you don’t happen to eat them today or tomorrow? You got to shop again? And throw away what you bought?

And then it’s so hard to find THE FRESHEST greens, that are STILL full of nutrients (Each day spent at the store greens lose A LOT of nutrients! Light, not ideal temperature …).

And then you can’t buy them in bulk. You got to waste time, that could be spend more enjoyably, shopping for your greens every time. What a hustle! What a waste of time and often money!

But, thanks to technology, and Urban Farming enthusiasts like Jon, you can get THE FRESHEST greens delivered directly to you no matter where you are.

No wasted time. No wasted money. NO WASTED NUTRITION!

Bonus 1.

They are picked, packed and delivered to you as soon as they are harvested.

Bonus 2.

Because of fast delivery directly from your urban farm in NYC, greens travel straight to your fridge and plate, where they can last as long as 2 weeks.

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Bonus 3.

Because of high-tech of the urban farming, your greens are grown 365 days a year!

You get the freshest greens exactly when you need them the most!

In late autumn.

In winter.

In early spring.

When it’s especially hard and almost impossible to find really really fresh and nutritious greens!

Bonus 4.

Because of high-tech of the urban farming and control environment, not only you support a better Earth (by not wasting energy and water). But also, you get the most nutritious greens possible!

The perfect “weather” for your greens is maintained 365 days a year, meaning perfectly nutrient-dense greens on your plate 365 days a year.

Bonus 5.

You can choose and pick to create your ideal, nutrition-full menu, for your elaborate taste buds.

Choices include Kale, Heirloom lettuces (means more nutritious and tasty!), Swiss Chards, various herbs and many more leafy greens as well. Just ask your Urban Farmer Jon, and he’ll make sure your green hunger is completely satisfied.

Bonus 6.

You can pick, how many bags per week you want, 1, 3 or 7, you can ask for a customized order — Jon, your farmer and his team of growers, are there for you to make your green experience perfect!

Bonus 7.

Last but not least…


First 2 weeks are on Jon!

Because Jon wants you to finally start taking a proper care of yourself, through the super power of greens!

Fitter, stronger, healthier — a better you!

(Contact me for the details Angela at CreateYourself.Today)

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What are you waiting for?

Start your own health evolution! Subscribe to your Green Package!

Street Leafs

Street Leafs on Instagram Check out what’s YOUR farmer is up to. Probably growing…

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