Stress, sleep, purpose of life to live longer, younger, stronger, fitter.

Stress can actually be good for your telomeres! (caps at the end of your chromosomes, that show how long you will live)

Stress can make you live longer!

Certain kind of stress.

What was really surprising for me, is that the kind of stress doesn’t depend on much else, but what meaning you give to stress you experience in your life. When there is a stressful situation, a problem, a crisis, a challenging workout, a deadline at work, an uncomfortable conversation with a loved one, an exam or certification, a competition, a speech or presentation you are about to give — how do you perceive it? What do you see it? What does it mean to you? Is it an exciting challenge, time to buckle up and toughen up, time to increase your resourcefulness and engagement with life and people, time to do and show your best? Or is it a threat to your wellbeing, your career, your relationships, you financial situation, you credentials, your social status?

What is it for YOU?

That will define how good stress is for you!

It doesn’t matter, if your life is stressful-challenging all the time or some time — the most important factor is your attitude.

Are you stressed?

Or challenged?

Mindful practices like meditation, awareness, being present, gratitude, yoga — help you to change your stress attitude, help you to reduce your perceived levels of stress, help you to return to your inner peace, your inner self, your ground.

Sleep for longer life? For young, strong and fit you for many many years?

It seems like your cells, on average, need about 7 hours minimum. Your lifestyle, health, individual biology matter. Some people need 8–9 hours. Some people (about 5% of the population) can thrive on 6–5 hours. It changes throughout your life and every day.

Quality of sleep, sleep timing and consistent sleep schedule, your sleep environment (light, noise, people, sleep routine prior to sleep) — that all matters. You might sleep for 8 hours getting less than a couple of hours of quality sleep, and someone might sleep for 6 hours getting 6 hours of good quality sleep — who do you think will be better off? Quality is always over quantity.

Sleep makes you smarter, improves your learning abilities, your creative thinking, your problem solving skills, your optimism, your self-esteem, your memory, your inner sense of wellbeing, your blood sugar and amount of unhealthy fat you carry — “even one night of bad sleep can through you into a temporary pre-diabetic state!”

How do you know, if you get enough sleep?

If you feel sleepy during the day — you don’t get enough sleep, no matter how many hours you spend in bed.

A couple of interesting facts you might not pay enough attention to.

All the studies of cellular longevity and long living people around the world show, that the longest living people might have different diets, lifestyles, ethnicity and gender, professions, stress levels, exercise routines — but they all have a strong sense of life purpose, a sense that their life matters, that they contribute to something bigger than themselves, and they all build supportive social environment, supportive community around themselves — family, friends, neighbors — a community with strong connections and daily interactions, a community, built on mutual trust, kindness, help and cooperation.

A parent?

An educator?

Interested in raising properly next generation of healthy, fit, strong emotionally and physically, long-living human-beings?

Longevity, healthy, cellular fitness, longer telomeres — it all starts in a womb. One can actually “inherit” longevity from their parents — as it turns our parents transmit their telomeres’ length to their off-springs. Mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy — food, stress levels, exercise — that all contributes to longer or shorter telomeres, to longer or shorter life/health span. So do younger years — the amount of loving support, stress or abuse, family relationships, education level of parents, peers and schooling environment.

Longevity, as you can see, is a multi-faceted subject. Scientists, supplement and drug companies will always try to find or create a pill to make human beings live younger, stronger, fitter for longer, but looking at all the facts and factors, that come into play to define our life/health spans, you can understand, that it is very unlikely it will ever happen.

Good thing?

The most effective strategies to live longer, younger, fitter, stronger are in your own hands, and cost close to nothing — just you willingness to invest your time and efforts into it — eat and sleep well, exercise, redefine stress as challenges and get excited about opportunities to grow and evolve, build good quality relationships and strong community of people you care about, and dedicate your life to a matter important to you, serving others in any capacity, that ignites your soul and lifts your spirit.

Your belly fat is killing you softly. The Telomere Effect: Living Younger, Stronger, Fitter, Longer.

Exercise for maximum health and longevity. The Telomere Effect: Keeping Cells Fit for Longer You.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health





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