Take vitamins like a superhuman!

Which vitamins. Why bother. How.

Angela Shurina
5 min readFeb 17, 2017


I haven’t been feeling my usual superhuman self for the past few days.

It started with work-life related stress — as for all of us, right?

Things are not going according to our plan, nothing is on time, on plan, according to our schedule, and people around us, all of a sudden, have issues with us, with relationships, everyone turns into a complainer or an asshole it seems, everything gets in the way, YOUR way.

It all starts within… but that’s a story for another day.

It all started with stress. Then I stopped being good with my routine, I stopped taking extra care of myself, I stopped sleeping well and on time, exercising well and on time, eating right, thinking right, keeping my spirits up, serving others… My whole body and mind tensed, closed, switched to flight-or-fight mode. I stopped taking proper care of myself when I needed it the most. I didn’t do much to relax, to get out of it, to take a break and look at everything at a different angle, switch to a different, mindful mode… The result? I felt low on energy and good positive vibes, the whole world turned into aggressive unwelcoming lonely place.

I woke up on Wednesday and decided — that’s got to stop. And I’m the one in charge of making it happen.

I woke up at 3.33 AM. I smiled.

I did my routine of drinking water, journaling, meditating, oil-pulling, even though it all felt stupid and meaningless.

I put on my gym wear as fast as I could — before my brain and resistance could find million reasons why I should stay home and sleep more.

Gym. People. Friends. Familiar faces. Smiles.

Get in. Give it your best. Get out.


Feeling better.

On the way home I stopped by Fairway market by my place.

I got Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Green Superfood supplements.

Whole food based. Raw. Organic. — Things and brands I believe in.

I picked up the best bone broth and sauerkraut available.

Immune system, energy levels, health, positive mindset — it’s my responsibility to do everything in my power to support it, when I need it the most.

To get back to my superhuman, or at least normal healthy self, to start moving forward, to solve issues not avoiding them, not fighting them.

Mindset is power!

But our vehicle in this world, our physical body, it needs support and care too, especially when we want to think about it the least, when we have the least time — that’s when we need it the most, you can’t afford skipping self-care.

To be our best selves. To do our best work. To create our best life.

Don’t give the power to lab tests and “serving size” solutions, to take care of your health and define the level of your vitality.

Start with guidelines (RDA and similar), as a base line, and work your way up (What they say on the package is serving size to avoid getting sick and developing conditions, not to thrive and have superhuman energy levels).

I take 2–3 and more serving sizes of good quality vitamins and supplements I trust, and see how I feel. ALWAYS check in with yourself first. See how you FEEL, NOT how you are SUPPOSED TO FEEL.

I’m here to thrive, not just survive, listening to what doctors, in sick care, have to say about my level of health according to their lab tests, that they don’t really know how to interpret — it keeps changing.

Want to feel like superhuman? Live like a superhuman?

Take care of your body accordingly — it’s your life success vehicle.

Take vitamins for extra care to SUPPLEMENT good quality food and healthy lifestyle. You need it these days.

Take vitamins of superb quality like a superhuman! 2–3 and more times the serving size — you are here to thrive and be the best you! Not just average, managing to get through the day, human animal.

Keep your body healthy! Your life depends on it!

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Healthy lifestyle trivia

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



And here is an extra Bite of Health.

Vitamin C Is Taking The Fight To The Big “C” — Dr. Ron Hunninghake

Why you should listen –

Vitamin C is taking the fight to the “Big C.” Scientists around the world are beginning to rethink how to fight cancer, and are looking to Vitamin C for help. Somewhere along the line, humans lost the ability to produce Vitamin C, and some scientists see this event as the point when human bodies began to deteriorate and became disease ridden without proper supplementation of Vitamin C from external sources. As ailments like heart disease, fibromyalgia, and cancer have ravaged human bodies, pioneering doctors like Ron Hunninghake from the Riordan Institute have developed new cancer treatment protocols using elevated dosages of Vitamin C with such promising results that big pharma has taken notice.



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