Tangle Art. Mastering the Art of Letting Go. The Illusion of Control.

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“We’re never in control, not of anything but the monologue in our head and the actions we choose to take.”

“You’re responsible for what you do, but you don’t have authority and control over the outcome. We can hide from that, or we can embrace it.”

~ Seth Godin’s Blog. “The Illusion of Control”

I love Seth Godin’s blog. It always makes me think about the important things in life. Things that truly matter. Things that improve quality of my life and my well-being.

I love it even more because it one of those resources that for some strange reason always resonates with some life experience I’m going through.

I tend to switch the resources I read. Sometimes it’s Tim Ferriss, sometimes James Altucher, sometimes Brainpickings and Maria Popova, sometimes it’s Morning Coach, sometimes it’s Tony Robbins, Kevin Kelly, Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, Freaconomics and others.

For the last few days I couldn’t do much but practice the art of missing out and letting go of control.

I felt overwhelmed, stuffed and I decided to stop consuming and start missing out.

I felt I’m holding on too tightly to some goals and results in my life that cause a lot of suffering and anxiety. I started practicing the art of letting go.

Funnily enough “Letting Go” was the theme of the last week in the Morning Coach community.

Sometimes the solution to our challenges doesn’t lie where we expect to find it.

What helped me to let it all go and find peace again, start working with life not against it, start accepting the situation and using what I have for my benefits instead of struggling with reality trying to get the exact outcome I need, what helped me was Tangle Art or Zentangle Method. Passion, hobby I discovered “by accident” browsing books in my favorite book store Kinokuniya with a friend.

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“Zentangle helps you to learn to let go of your expectations, be still and listen to your design.”

“The process of creating tangle art teaches us to become comfortable letting our instincts be in control, so it does not matter that you do not know what you are doing next…Being locked into planned goals can cause the loss of opportunity for the piece to flow naturally together. Following a plan can often leave the artwork feeling stiff, rigid, or lacking in continuity.

Just relax, focus, and allow your unplanned abstract drawing to take shape. Leave all expectations, criticism, and comparisons behind each day when it is time to tangle. Each tangle will be unique and different. Some will be prettier, others stylish, dynamic, animated, or a feast of contrasting tones for the eye. Each will have strengths and weaknesses, and together they will create the mosaic of your creative journey. The important part is to tangle every day.”

~ “Tangle Art. Meditative Drawing Kit.”

This for me summarizes the art of living our life, the art of letting go.

It might be written about tangle art but for me it is also written about life itself. About the art of living our life happily. About the art of letting go of control and letting life unfold in front of us, using whatever unfolds to our advantage, to have a joyous experience while we are here.

When I discovered tangle art, I felt like I discovered a hobby for my soul, my spirit. Something was touched so deeply. I immediately looked it all up, found communities of people, many resources, applications of the art. I came up with so many projects I can use this new hobby for in my life and work to add value, to help people.

Tangle Art helps me every day to be present, to be mindful, to let go, to accept everything as it is and be grateful for it. It helps me to reduce anxiety and stop worrying about silly and unimportant things. It adds beauty to my life. Beauty, colors, passion, excitement.

It’s a natural part of me, as I discovered.

It’s so easy. Anyone can do it…if you learn how to let go.

That’s why I believe it’s one of the best tools to practice the art of letting go.

If you can tangle, you can let go.

Only if know how to let go, you can create strokes without eraser, without plan. Letting the imperfections be, adding to the overall beauty and harmony.

And if you can’t let go — you need to tangle.

Start with simple patterns. Simple strokes. Simple lines.

Don’t plan it. Just apply pen to paper.

One stroke at a time. One dot at a time.

Observe what’s emerging in front of you.

Let the life flow through you telling you what to do next. Listen to your impulses and intuition.

Don’t think.

Be the best tool to create what wants to be created now.

Let go.


Am I talking about tangle art? Am I talking about life? Am I talking about letting go of our illusion of control?

Start tangling. Start letting go of the illusion that you are in control. Today.


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