Thank you for the response Clauidia!

Really appreciate the feedback!

I actually believe that the best of both world is possible to maintain for life :) We can still eat keto and do the longevity diet because keto diet allows A LOT of non-starchy veggies like leafy greens, like broccoli, like Brussels sprouts, artichokes etc.

Keto, from what I’ve learned from experience and all the studies coming out, works the best long term, when you definitely include lots and lots of non-starchy veggies, when you do fasting, when you limit your proteins, preferably to fatty fish (that IS on the menu of almost all centanarians), eggs, red meat once in a while.

Plus think about it, have anyone ever combined keto + fasting + longevity diet + all the fiber rich veggies + keto + fasting + limit protein + non-processed food + local and seasonal long term?

It wasn’t really possible with all the blue zones till food industry and food supply got where it is now.

What I mean is, “the BEST” human diet might not have been used yet :) Maybe it is keto + longevity…

Or smth else.

But I really see the benefits of keto + longevity diet. Taking the best of both worlds.

And what I see from long-term keto people like Mark Sisson — that’s THE thing to do to succeed long-term!

What do you think Claudia?

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