Thank you so much! :)

Nothing makes me happier than reading replies with actions taken and results achieved! :) Congratulations on all the progress!!!

I’m doing carnivore diet experiment till the end of September with Lab work done after.

Plus 18 hour IF + No shakes and non whole foods

For now my afterworkout: 4 hard boiled eggs that I take to the gym with me.

I read “The End of Dieting” by Joel Fuhrman — he talks about the same GOMBBS there too.

When I choose to consume plant foods — those are my only plant foods :)

I believe some plant foods are better adaptogens, meaning they help our body better than other to adopt to stressors and invasions from outside, plus more antioxidants, polyphenols etc.

But I also believe that not all plant work for all people — beans are not on my menu EVER! Because of auto immune issues the cause for me with anti-nutrients. That’s my take on it :)

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