The Lost Art of Hanging Out.

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In line for coffee.

Pretty girl. Blogger. Traveler.

Nice guy in front.


– Wanna do something sometimes? Go for a bike ride or run, go sightseeing? She asked.

– I’d love to but I have a girlfriend. So I can’t go out with you.


– Jeez. When did an invitation to hang out become an offer to have a relationship? And men call girls drama queens always over-thinking stuff?

When a guy invites me to do something together, I have two choices.

Say yes. Say no.

Say yes, and a guy thinks I’m interested in him as my date.

Say no, and I never make male friends randomly.

I prefer no these days, cause most guys became overthinking, jumping-to-conclusions drama queens and if I say yes, I end up explaining why I said yes, if I wasn’t interested in dating.

When I ask a guy to do something together, the guy automatically thinks I want a relationship. Or at least get laid. He will not say yes, unless he is interested in either.

When did inviting a person of an opposite sex to hang out become an automatic invitation to have a relationship?

Can’t two people of opposite sex communicate and do something together just for fun? Because they both happen to like the same thing? Like the same sport. Or kind of movies. Or art.

Why do so many people need to put a label on everything right away these days? They need to know, are you in or out, is it a friendship forever or relationship straight away?

When did meeting for a cup of something become an activity with consequences?

When did chatting with a stranger on the street, or being nice to someone, or saying hello become a romantic/relationship thing?

And that’s why, I almost never talk to, or look at the guys I don’t know. Even simple hello might be taken as a “sign”.

One eye-contact. One smile. Offer of a help and the guy thinks you like him.


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