“Thanks. 400cal just from veggies it’s quite a bit ☺ it says you can split 800cal to 3 or 2 meals. Is there any reason for that? Or just to keep less hunger? I have experience with omad (one meal a day) so I would prefer one instead of 3. Do you think that’s a valid approach?”

The main reason is compliance, since most people like to have 2–3 meals a day, it’s habitual to have something at certain times, plus you might still be a part of family meals, for example, not to feel completely deprived and isolated.

I wouldn’t say you are less hungry, the opposite actually, the less you eat, the less you stimulate your stomach, the less you think about food doing something else — the less hunger you experience physically and mentally.

I love eating one meal a day on most days too. I’d do that and I believe, based on everything I know, it’s a better approach — just harder for majority of people psychologically, since most people are used to eating more often.

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