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The moment is all we have.

The moment is the life itself.

This moment. Right now.

You are not promised the next one.

A brick can fall onto your head.

Or a nut can get stuck in your air passage.

And you are done. Game Over.

You won’t even have any time for regrets. But maybe that’s for the better.

You believe you have a bigger mission in life.

You were born for something bigger.

For sure.

And maybe you are.

Or maybe you’re here just to give one kind word. Or maybe a smile to the next messiah.

Or to someone, who will do that for the next messiah.

But what, if on that day you were just waiting for your “big mission” in life? Big assignment.

And what, if you didn’t pay attention to the “less” important? Didn’t pay attention to life?

You didn’t give that smile.

And the world ended. Game Over.

How do you know, when you BIG mission starts? Where? How? With who?

Do you really think, someone will show up and say, “Here is your mission. Go and do that”?

And you are like, “Wow! Sure! I’ve been waiting my whole life for it! Now my life has a meaning!”

And you live happily ever after doing you BIG thing assignment.

Do you REALLY think that’s how it’ll happen? Are you really so delusional?

So logical, when it’s not really needed, and so fairy-tale-like, when your logic might actually serve you?

Most big things happen NOW.

All big things happen NOW.

This moment.

That’s when the future is made. That’s when you do something. Make something big happen.

Big always starts with small.

One teeny-tiny step.

You can’t do much in on moment.

And all you have is this moment.

And then the small things add up.

And you have you big assignment.

Your life mission.

Huge things start with small steps too.

Someone’s garage. Bunch of geeks. And “computer”.

Idea in a student’s head that turns into most popular social network.

100 000… businesses from an idea for a single music store.

Some friends.

Some help.

Some challenges.

Some decisions.

And one moment. And it’s BIG.

You never see, it’s coming.

One step at a time.

One moment at a time.

Everyone is afraid of big challenges on the way to success.

Can I make it? Do I have what it takes?

You probably don’t. Not at the moment.

Only the next step. That what you have in you.

Everything seems big from a distance. Important. Not possible. Not manageable.

Like this drawing.

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It seems difficult. Complicated. But only at the end.

One stroke at a time.

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It’s simple actually.

Big multinational business you might have one day will ALWAYS start with an idea.

It won’t grow faster than one step at a time. Step, you can manage.

Will you manage?

Your choice.

The moment.

It can change everything because it changes you.

It’s big, and yet nothing big can be done in a moment.

The moment before, you didn’t know, where you were going.

The next moment you have work for the next 2 weeks, two months, or maybe even a year, few years, a decade.

The moment.

Life is a moment.

You meet your soul mate in a moment.

It changes your whole life. The moment before you didn’t see it’s coming.

The moment.

You find your business partner for life. Everything changed from there.

The moment.

You read a book. You hear a speech. You know that your life is not the same anymore.

You are not the same anymore.

The moment.

People who changed your life made a choice too. In a moment.

Be there. For you. Do the work. Create a life changing moment for you.

The moment.

Serve it.

Change lives.

Be the life changing moment for someone.

Today it might be a smile to stranger. Tomorrow — an opened for someone door.

Life is a moment. Live it.

Do small. Big will happen.

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