The real reason. The real story. The real you.

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I’m not pretty/handsome enough.
I’m getting old.
I’m not good at making contact with other people.
I’m shy.
I’m weird.
I’m too fat.
I’m bad with technology.
I’m sick.
I’m stressed, lonely, sad.
My life sucks.
I’m broke.
I’m stupid.
I don’t have any special talents to offer.
My life is boring. I’m boring.
Nobody loves or likes me. (And of course they have all the reasons, right?)
I had an abusive childhood.
My family is dysfunctional. My parents fucked me up and my whole life is ruined.
My boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband fucked me up and now I can’t trust anyone to build a good relationship.
My life sucks. I want to kill myself.
Nothing works! I’m stuck! I don’t know what to do. I’m stupid and miserable.
I have no energy OR desire to do anything.
I have no willpower or self-control.
I don’t have any motivation.
I don’t matter so why do anything. I have nothing special to offer.
I’m fake.
I did lots of bad/wrong things in my life, I don’t deserve a good life anymore.
People don’t like me. I’m always made fun of.
I’m disgusting. I hate myself.
I’m a failure. Always have been.
Who am I kidding? I worth nothing. Nobody cares.

Which one is yours?
What are you telling yourself to do nothing, change nothing and never start living the life you want to live?
Which one?
Do you know it’s just your story?
Do you know that it’s all in your head and has little nothing to do with objective reality?
Do you know that the voice in your head doesn’t tell you the truth 99% of the time? Or anything close to the truth?
Do you know that most of those things, even if they are true to some degree for NOW, can be changed fast?
Do you realize that the only reason you are stuck in excuses and stories and life that seems to be the same day after day is that you keep thinking the same thoughts, telling you the same stories, not changing a thing in your behavior, looking for and of course finding confirmations to those stories in your head?
I used to have big nose and small boobs that prevented me from modeling.
I am still the same. And modeling.
The thing that changed? The story I tell myself.
A friend of mine told me today:
“I’m too old and not handsome anymore. I have no communication skills. I’ll die alone. My life sucks. I’m a failure.”
I sent him this link:
Nick with no arms or legs became an international speaker and a loving husband and father.
What’s your excuse now?

Another friend:
“I can’t change my life. I have no will power. No motivation. I have no energy. I’m sick. My life sucks.”
I sent him another link:
Rich was sick and fat and miserable. And “getting old”, I guess. He decided to change his life and his health at the age of 40. Now? One of toughest Iron Man Athlete, a happy husband, father, successful writer, podcaster, speaker and more. A happy healthy 47 years young superman.

Whose story do you need to hear to realize that YOU have no excuses?
Your story is just that. YOUR story. Story that stops you from being that person you wanna be.
Not someone else. Society. Co-workers. Family. Girlfriend/Boyfriend. But you.

Who do YOU want to be?
What stops you?
What REALLY stops you?
What do you need to do?
What actions to take?
What’s YOUR next step to get closer to that person you are destined to be? When you get out of your head finally.

What the story you WANT to tell the world about yourself?
What do you want to say when you introduce yourself?
What do you want to hear when being introduced?
What do you want to hear people say about you when you die?
What do you want to be remembered by?
Do you want to be remembered?
Do you want to leave a footprint? Make your life matter?
What makes you feel like you matter?
If it’s anything outside your control — it’s not the right answer.
Think better. Take time. Tell a different story.
Not with words. With your life.

What’s your story?
Write it.

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