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Wanna be a fitness model?

Live like one TODAY! If not on Monday, then when?!..

Today is Monday.

YouTube video, 4 min, live New York, gym, 6.30 am.

I scheduled to do motivational Mondays on my blog and YouTube channel.

I woke up and felt like motivating exactly no one. Not even myself. I felt like doing nothing!

Leave alone working out and going outside when it’s the coldest day of the year in New York city.

My body and brain didn’t want to go anywhere.

I’m training harder. I’m working harder. I’m doing all the uncomfortable things I signed up myself for and I know the job will not get easier.

The only choice — getting stronger!

If becoming a top fitness model and transforming other areas of our life was easy everyone would do it.

The truth is — not so many people reach greatness because it’s f*cking hard work!

It has nothing to do with special talents!

You either do it or don’t do it.

End of story.

You either eat that “sh*t sandwich” (stolen from Liz Gilbert), that comes with the job you signed up for or you don’t.

End of story.

And EVERY job comes with its own sh*t sandwich.

No exceptions.

Are you willing to eat yours?

I am.

What does a fitness model do daily?

Gets up and goes for a scheduled workout — it’s part of the job, looking amazing.

Eats right.

Takes care of her health and beauty.

Motivates and inspires.

So get off your ass Angela, quit your BS, put on workout gear, go and work out — you have a whole week ahead with interviews, photo shoots and god knows what other amazing opportunities for which you must look your best.

If today the chance of your life presents itself, wouldn’t you feel the worst, if you couldn’t take it, because you decided to eat a couple of bags of cashews and not work out?

Wouldn’t you hate it, if you had to miss the chance of your life, because YOU CHOSE not to show up?

I would.

I got up.

I made it to the gym — that, by the way was full of people at 5 AM, working out.

I had a blast!

And hey, if I need more rest I can always get to bed an hour earlier instead of social media or some other unnecessary BS.

Set a goal to become someone?

Live like that someone TODAY!



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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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