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The Image.

As I’m finishing a bestseller by Robert Cialdini, an expert on persuasion, being totally blown away but obvious (When we think about it) but not obvious (When we don’t) truth about persuasion, the art of making people see our side of the story, our version of the world — I’m thinking how it all applies to our personal health and fitness journey.

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As it turns out (Dah!), our brain is influenced by background information it notices unnoticeably to us very much. And I kind of knew that, but knowing does not necessarily translate into using the information for my own benefit, or into stopping it from harming me, my life, my goal achieving.

Consider this, if you constantly pay attention to your “imperfect” self-image you want to change — be that to lose weight or to build more muscles, get leaner — if you constantly hold at the back of your mind the image of yourself you don’t like, you won’t be able to move towards the image you actually want to see in the mirror.

I understand many of us don’t always have their own picture they admire and want to look like. But we can use images of other people whose physique we admire. We can look at beautiful physiques on the internet more often. We can complement and admire physiques of people we see around us and imagine ourselves having that. We can even ask for advice instead of assuming that “those” people have some kind of secret or special talent and WE will never be able to reach their level of physical perfection. — I saw many transformations. Believe me, almost anything is possible.

You can print out pictures of people you most admire and carry them with you as a motivation to keep you going, when your will power is about to give up on you by a donut or a chocolate shop, or at somebody’s invitation to share a pizza.

Beautiful physiques is about just one thing — keeping in focus that image you work towards and understanding that it’s not built on pizza and chocolate, or immediate gratification of our taste buds.

Let’s recap and refocus.

The image.

Our brain is a moving-towards machine.

The image you hold in your head, the images of people (yourself or others) you concentrate on will soon be you.

It goes beyond your body but today is only about our body, our physique, our health.

Keep that in mind. Keep looking at it. Keep paying attention to it.

Your mind will make decisions accordingly.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

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