Wanna Lose Weight? You might be missing one VERY important thing.

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A question I’m asked often:

How do you build a perfect core, perfect abs?

Variations on the theme:

How do you get 6-pack abs?

How do you lose fat around your belly?

Do you really think that people like me, who manage to stay fit and healthy most of their lives ask themselves those questions and create lifestyle based on that?

Most often — NO.

We all might start there, but as we learn in the process, it’s not what’s going to give us the results we want, results that we are able to keep.

And yes you might lose weight fast initially with some crazy diet protocol, that nobody on the entire planet is able to stick to (Hello to all the grapefruit diet fans!) for prolonged period of time, BUT most probably you will gain that weight back, learn to make more sustainable changes, apply some protocol that actually works long-term, you’ll stick to it and watch your 6-pack abs magically appear over time seemingly not doing anything special.

You know what is that special one thing, the secret of 6-pack abs, that all lean people share?


We, lean fit healthy people, choose a lifestyle, that works for us and moves us closer to our goals over time and we STICK WITH IT. As long as there is progress, movement towards health, vitality, fit bodies and, yes, 6-pack and tight ass, as long as we manage to stay happy and enjoy the journey (not saying there is no hard work involved), the rest is not important — what exactly we do and how we do it. And it shouldn’t concern you much what exactly we do, because it’s a personal formula created with try-and-error method.

On Quora I was asked this question:

What diet should I follow to lose weight in 40 days?

First thought in my mind was:

What can you stick with for 40 days?

I can tell you many many ways how to lose weight in a healthy way, or not so healthy, how to lose weight fast or not so fast.

Will you lose it in 40 days?

I have no idea.

Here the grey area starts.

Are you ready to stick to changes you choose for 40 days at least?

Because I’m sorry to bring you the bad news, but you WILL have to change something to lose weight and most probably it’s not something you will love from the first sight, or the first bite.

Can you stick to anything for 40 days?

Some people are never in it for a long run, they don’t develop personality traits necessary to stick with a lifestyle change even for 40 days. It is what it is. You got to know yourself not to waste your time and energy on unnecessary suffering and failures.

Do you have a big enough reason to do that in the first place?

Maybe you are pretty comfortable with where you are already? And you think, “Oh, it would be nice to lose some weight around my belly.” “Would be nice to…” never works, so you might skip all the hassle and instead enjoy what you have now, because nothing is going to change for more than a couple of days, and that is not enough to see any considerable changes.

Let suppose you believe you can do it with the right diet/lifestyle changes and you are ready to do some work, make some changes.

What should you do?

What diet should you follow?

Again. I don’t know but I will help you to discover.

Of course eating as little as possible processed foods, foods with sugar and refined grains, trans fats, preservatives, long-shelf-life products will help a lot! Quite a lot of people lose all the weight they need to lose just by eating all whole food diet.

Then, although I’m not a fan of calories, I agree they do help to determine our base line and measure food intake. And that might be your issue — simply you eat too much. The same, food measuring, can be done with noticing portions of everything we eat, adjusting it accordingly to results we see. Calories don’t matter, but if you are binging all the time, eating lots and lots of foods, even the healthiest foods, overeating will eventually result in pounds of fat accumulated. And yes around your belly too.

For me sticking to simple diet of same foods and adjusting the amount works. I eat for a week, notice how much and what, then measure results — weight and body composition, if I see the right progress I stick with what I do, if not, I make changes.

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Your next step?

Learn what foods work for you. Body and Mind.

What foods make you feel the best — satiated, satisfied with taste, satisfied emotionally, what gives you the most energy, what tames your hunger-beast. You got to experiment here. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it — you know the saying, right? You might be eating all the right foods already, but just too much, so you don’t even need to care about what you eat, just the amount. You might be eating too many carbohydrate rich foods that your body/metabolism can’t handle, and you got to stick to foods with more fat and protein to feel better and start losing fat.

For me low carb (under 30 g), high fat, enough protein diet works the best. With some fish, nuts, coconut oil, non-starchy vegetables and occasional fermented dairy.

Some people thrive and stay lean on low fat, relatively high carb, diet with whole grains, beans, starchy veggies and fruits in the mix.

What will work for YOU?

What worked before?

Try first thing that you like the sound of to start, something that makes sense to you.

Are you a fruit/vegetable/bean/grain lover? Than whole food low fat diet might work for you.

You can’t imagine your life without your fats? Fish? Meats? And you don’t care much for all the carb foods? Well, ketogenic is your thing then. Or some other variation of low carb protocol.

How do you know which one?


Try whatever you decided to do.

Try it for a few days.

See what’s working and what’s not. Adjust. Measure and monitor the results. Adjust when necessary.

That how it works.

There is no proven way to get you fast to 6-pack abs.

You got to adapt, change what you do and MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE.

Stop looking for one-fits-all solution from fit and healthy people and start changing your lifestyle instead, trying things, monitoring your results.

You know what a PT and dietitians/health/weight loss coaches do to help their clients/friends/family to achieve their weight loss/body composition goals?

They do NOT prescribe magical solution that they once discovered to everyone.

They analyze the health, lifestyle, personality and create custom programs, that are adjusted all the time. And the most valuable thing they do?

They track the progress, measure the results consistently, gather feedback and adjust the action plan accordingly to move closer, and closer, and closer to the goal.

That illusive 6-pack abs. Or whatever it is your goal.

Where to start?

Check where you can make improvements:

Whole foods?


Foods that work for your body and soul?

Get out there and move?

Start tracking your progress?

Two most important things to take away today:

  • Choose what to do and STICK WITH IT!
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