We know what a cow should eat. What about a Homo Sapiens animal?

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It strikes me as the most bizarre thing every time I think about it.

How is it, we study food, nutrition, diets, weight loss, healthy eating so much, human physiology, digestion, now decoding and editing our genes, biochemistry, how our cells work — we seem to know so much, but we still have no idea what it is we are supposed to eat as human beings, as species, as Homo Sapiens.

You know, for example, cows are supposed to have a certain diet, graze grass all day long ideally, whales are supposed to eat phytoplankton, lions are carnivores, hunting, killing, eating their prey, chickens eat bugs.

When it comes to humans, human animals, as I like to say, there are tons of books on healthy eating, healthy food, vitamins and minerals, diets, fat loss, health, and yet, when asked, most experts have hard time defining “essential daily diet” of an animal called Homo Sapiens.

How bizarre is that?!

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Paleo and other similar theories started to look at the evolutionary side of our eating habits. How did we eat before all the food industry crap (literally, + advertising, sales and marketing, big food industry interest) come to be?

And paleo crowd quite well defined what we are for sure, it seems, not supposed to eat, but… what is it we need to eat?

To make sure everything works today and every day for the rest of our lives?

What are the essential requirements of a Homo Sapiens diet? Essential nutrients of an animal called Homo Sapiens?

Most experts have hard time defining what healthy food is, leave alone poor regular folks trying to do “simple” healthy grocery shopping and just eat without getting a degree in nutrition (that doesn’t necessarily guarantees the success of the former mentioned pursuit)

Healthy food…

Healthy food is a very controversial subject. Meaning, food is not healthy or unhealthy. Food is either suitable for an animal, a cow, or a human, as a substance supporting health, supporting energy and nutritional requirements, it is suitable or not.

Back to our cow. Grass might be healthy food for a cow, but do you think YOU can survive on that?

Does that make grass unhealthy?…

The cow doesn’t think that for sure. That is, if that cow could think about grass so deeply.

I’m on a personal mission, personal quest to figure out a few very fundamental, very important, essential for our survival and thriving, questions:

What is healthy food for an animal called Homo Sapiens? What food supports our health?

What is an essential daily menu for a Homo Sapiens?

What are truly essential nutrients we need to eat in food, if we want to function optimally and avoid problems? How does it look in daily food? Function at our best physically, emotionally and mentally? (And that all is influenced by nutrition and food we eat A LOT!)

I’m getting closer than ever now to the answer — after almost 15 years of research, reading, study, work with clients and trying myself every diet on the planet.

This book in particular brought many answers, connected many dots.

Survival of the Fatteston Amazon.

Survival of the Fattest ebook.

Survival of the Fattest an article.

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That and looking at all the recent studies and books, lifelong practices of top performers like Tony Robbins. Plant Paradox, Ketogenic Diet, Sirt Food Diet, The Longevity Diet, Dirty Genes, Bulletproof Diet and Head Strong, Better Brain Solution, Catching Fire: How cooking made us human, The Clever Gut Diet, Food: What the heck should I eat and others.

Here is my lunch today based on all of that, and some foods I highly recommend you eat often. Daily?

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Remember also the term “shore-based nutrition” — our brain developed not randomly, because of luck, because we needed to survive (chimpanzee still survive just fine), our brain eveloped because we started eating differently from other species. How about that?


JOIN MY QUEST TO FIGURE OUT THE DIET OF A HOMO SAPIENS… and shed all the fat on the journey :)

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