What do I eat now?!

A common question after Tony Robbins UPW 2017.

If you were a part of Tony Robbins live 4-day intensive, Unleash the Power Within 2017, in NY area recently, as yours truly was, you might be asking yourself that question, “What do I eat now?!” You might have started wondering about it before the health-energy-movement-vitality-nutrition day began. But most definitely you ended up asking that question yourself at least once after.

There was Tony on video explaining the principles of natural hygiene movement, talking about live foods, that keep our body’s environment alkaline and toxin free, talking about, how 70–80% of our diet must be greens, vegetables and other alkaline, water-rich foods, saying, that we must eat essential fats, Omega-3s etc., that we must avoid, as much as possible, animal protein, acidic addictions like coffee and sugar, alcohol and nicotine, whites (all the processed white stuff), drugs, and also on must-avoid list are saturated fats and dairy.

Many people were telling me at the event, how proud they were to become vegans and vegetarians, because of Tony’s information and how better they felt — I personally believe it’s elimination of processed food-like products, that causes improvements, not avoidance of healthy foods like fish, full of Omega-3s.

Vegans, vegetarians — it’s almost a religion now.

Only Tony is not a vegan. Or even vegetarian.

Neither am I, after trying vegan diet for 6 years, being a raw vegan for 4, before switching to veggies/fish/eggs/no processed crap kind of diet.

Tony’s diet is very, VERY clean — vegetables and fish mostly, sometimes steak, and sometimes an occasional ice-cream, as he admitted.

Do whatever diet works best for YOU, but I would experiment for sure, to see how good you could possibly feel. I’d do tests for inflammation markers and allergic, auto-immune reactions, for possible deficiencies — just to be sure, that what you do is ACTUALLY good for you, not just sounds good in your head and at cocktail parties.

Coming back to our live intensive.

After Tony’s teachings, there was Dr. Gundry with Plant Paradox diet, Dave Asprey, biohacker, with Bulletproof Coffee brand and Bulletbroof diet.

Dr. Gundry vilified rightfully a lot of plants, that many people consider benign and healthy — I can attest, plants are there to NOT be your food, they do not like to be eaten more than any animal does, and they, plants, defend themselves with anti-nutrients in a from of lectins (gluten is a lectin too, but there are more), that cause our health to deteriorate over time. Plants do not have claws and teeth to fight for life. So they quietly make chemical compounds, to cause your, when you eat them, health issues, lesser desire and ability to eat more of them — inflammation, auto-immune conditions of all sorts, infertility, brain fog, indigestion, headaches, fatigue… I cured Vitiligo and all digestive disorders, by eliminating all grains (Yes, quinoa and buckwheat, and oats, and brown rice too), anything that made of them, eliminating peanuts, fruits (except avocado) and most nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers).

After Dr. Gundry’s presentation people were like… What? Plants are also not good for us? What am I really supposed to eat now?! (Notice he did not eliminated all plants at all! He left for us all the “boring and unexciting” ones) leafy greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and many many others, that cause zero cravings, and are not sweet, but extremely good for us.

And then there was Dave Asprey with saturated fats, good quality grass-fed beef and wild fish, with coffee as a MAJOR source of polyphenols, plant anti-oxidants, healthy chocolate — that must have thrown some of you into endless loop of wandering, “What is good to eat? What is bad? What do I eat now?! For energy, for health, for weight loss, for strength, for longevity, for performance?”

Having been a student of all the teachings and teachers mentioned above, experimenting with myself and my clients for more than a decade, trying literally every diet, as I went through my health and body transformation, I’d like to share a secret or two, I’ve learned and earned.

Eating for maximum health, vitality, energy, longevity, strength and fitness is actually simple.

Do what makes sense. Avoid all the hype.

Stop eating products. Start eating food.

Grains, food-like products, all kinds of dairy products, tons of nuts and oils every day were never ever a part of our eating routine. Day in and day out. Where would you find all that in nature, before food INDUSTRY and IMPORT/EXPORT took over? Where? Really?

We ate what was there (as far as we know), when it was there — whole leaves, vegetation in a form of edible plants like vegetables, with addition of wild fruit in season, when we were lucky, some nuts when we managed to find and open them, fish and wild game when the hunt succeeded.

We would spend days, getting food, and would eat, when we got it. We would fast most of the time. And we definitely were not dying from sugar or “healthy” grains deficiency.

Now I’m not an evolution scientist, even though I read a lot of it, I don’t pretend to know what exactly we ate, or evolved to eat, but there was no sugar, no whole grains (that are by the way worse, not better than refined grains, “Plant Paradox” by Dr. Gundry) available everywhere, and fruit did not grow whole year around!

So what to eat?

Everyone agrees on a couple of things, that work for everyone, the rest is up to you to try and see how it works for you personally, and what amount of daily energy and years ahead, you are ready to give up for a pleasurable sensation on your tongue.

What are they? What are OUR healthy foods to eat? What do leaders eat?!

Non starchy, leafy, green and colorful vegetables. (Organic, local are best of course). Cooked in a healthy way! No vegetable oils and frying!!!

Wild fish for essential fatty acids. The smaller the better. Sardines, herring, mackerel, salmon, anchovies.

Some saturated fats and cholesterol from pasture raised egg, grass-fed meats, organ meats. Not a lot.

Good non-moldy coffee and chocolate are amazing additions.

Grains, grain products and sugar, almost all dairy will rob you of your energy.

Beans? Not great and you definitely want to learn how to cook them properly.

Nuts? Some are good. Peanuts and cashews are not (not nuts).

Fruit? Treat it as a healthy CANDY. Fruit in access contributes to higher insulin and accumulation of fat.

So, what to eat?

I’ve been living on vegetables, fish and eggs with occasional fruit and nuts, dark chocolate with my bulletproof coffee for a few years now. The health, energy and fitness keeps improving. So it does for all my clients.

The choice is always yours.

Read. Think. Change.

The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain by Steven R. Gundry, MD


Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks by Dave Asprey


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