What I learned from a former monk, present Hindu priest, entrepreneur, speaker, New Yorker Dandapani.

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Former monk? Hindu priest? Entrepreneur? Speaker? New Yorker?

Dandapani moved from his monastery in Hawaii to New York, New York! To practice in the real world, what he preaches. To help the world more. To serve people better. After all, the doctors are needed, where people are the sickest, right?

I was blown away by Dandapani’s speech that was shared by Jason Gaignard on his podcast MastermindTalks. Episode 42 — “How To Control The Mind with Dandapani”. Just 18 minutes. I’m certain, my life will never be the same after that!

Sometimes, a second can change your whole life, changing your frame of mind, revealing something, giving you that AHA! moment.

And that is exactly what happened.

By the way, it changed Tim Ferriss’ life too. Read “Four Hour Work Week” yet? No? You are missing out big times! Start changing your life today!

I have been working on mastering my mind to master my life for quite a while now. And it seems like today I got my upgrade, one missing piece that will move me to the next level — that is, if I practice it, of course.

Dandapani talked about 3 important things there.

To master our life, to master our mind we need to be the masters of our willpower, concentration and awareness.

Concentration: ability to focus on one subject for prolonged period of time, leaving all the distractions out of our mind. The most important thing in our life is always the thing in front of us at this very moment. Thing we need or decided to deal with, to work on. The rest doesn’t matter. For now. This very moment. Just one thing. There is no such thing as multitasking. Our brain is not capable of effectively working on 2 things at the same time. It’s not a computer.

One thing at a time. No future. No past. Just here. Just now.

Willpower: do what you commit to. Make true decisions, decisions you act upon. Accomplish. Finish things. Do your best. Do better than your best. Exceed your own expectations. Better — have no expectations at all.

Our willpower will improve with practice. The more we practice — the more and faster it will improve. It is that simple. It’s a muscle. Maybe not visible in our physical body, but it’s a muscle that grows and gets stronger with practice and training. Just like any other muscle in our body. Just like our biceps or triceps.

When we know, we need to do something to grow and improve, we just got to do it. Just do it. Stop thinking, what we can do. What we can’t do. How long it will take or how hard it might be. How much work it might take. Just do it. Do the best every single moment. Not the best we think, we are capable of. But the best. Just stay present. Act. Don’t think. We can think later.

Those two things we need to work on to master our life and master our mind.

Another very important concept discussed on the podcast.


Awareness is the knowledge, perception of a situation or a fact. Being aware means knowing where you are, what you are, what’s going on right here, right now within you and outside of you.

But the new thing I realized during the podcast was — we can control, shift awareness, and that will change our state, our situation, our life.

Happiness, sadness, success, abundance, lack, health or sickness — it’s all in us all the time, and what we experience depends on where our awareness, or our attention is at the moment.

If we are aware of happiness state, we’ll be happy. If we are aware of sadness, that is caused by something outside of us, we feel sad. Although we believe the world around us changes our state to a happy or a sad one and we do not have much control over it, we can change that, our mood, our state, the situation, just by changing our awareness, things we pay attention to, by changing our perspective and the way we think of what’s happening.

Happiness is an inside job. So is sadness. Health. Sickness. Abundance. Lack.

Where awareness goes the energy flows. And where our awareness, attention is most of the time that is what we get most in life.

That was a true mind-blowing discovery and realization of today for me.

I felt like I just learned the most important thing in the world!


Just those 18 minutes today made my whole day one of the most productive I can remember!

Even if I did nothing else today, that day would still be one of the most profound, productive and prolific days of my life!

I also confirmed for myself one more thing.

Life is not about quantity. It’s about quality. And quality comes not from doing more, but from doing less, doing just the right things, just the right amount, and saying “NO!” to all the non-essentials.

Tune in! Listen to it! 18 minutes to change life? Not too bad! That’s what I call efficiency. I believe it’s worth it. Even if you sleep 18 minutes less tonight.

How To Control The Mind with Dandapani

Learn More About Dandapani.

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