What the Health. What the F*CK?!

Anyone, who has a bit of knowledge of nutrition, biochemistry, or some common sense, and anti-propaganda type of personality, would ask the same question, after watching this ridiculous “documentary” about food, food industry, animal products and health.

What the Health

I guess by now you know, how I feel about the movie.

And here is why.

Seeing some respected medical professionals, MDs, stating literally “lies”, that are disproved by numerous research and studies, made me so angry at first, very disappointed then, just amazed at how far people would go to make the audience believe their skewed, wrapped in lies, story.

How can a respected MD say on camera, that refined sugar, consuming refined sugar and carbohydrates, has nothing to do with diabetes epidemic? HOW?!


a disease, in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates (which sugar is) and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.

Diabetes is ALL about sugar, or blood sugar, glucose, and inability of our body to metabolize it properly, caused by well, “lifestyle” factors, as they cautiously say in all the resources.

But, f*ck!, it’s proven, that eating diet full of refined carbs, if it doesn’t cause diabetes, it certainly doesn’t make it better! It makes it much worse! No sane doctor would recommend his patient to get on a diet full of carbohydrates with diabetes. An individual can literally die, with diabetes, consuming too much sugar or refined carbs too fast, when the body is unable to deal with it. Insulin injections help, but they don’t change the situation, nor do they treat the improper body functioning. So how could a medical doctor state, that diet, rich in refined carbohydrates, does not influence the condition, it’s all the animal fat and carcinogens etc. in animal foods, that cause all the health issues.

They even go as far as saying, that diet of fruits, white rice and sugar, helped to treat diabetes and heart disease in the past — that’s what some Dr. Walter Kempner in 1940s used to do successfully, apparently!


That was mind-blowing lie number one, that taken literally, can LITERALLY kill people daily. I’d sue the MDs for stating just that in the movie!

Mind-blowing lie number two?

Animal products are blamed for all the degenerative diseases, in particular, diabetes, obesity, heart disease. In the movie they state, that meat has been a staple of modern diet, leading to all those horrible chronic conditions. Meat products are promoted by the government through dietary guidelines and food pyramid, being put at the base of the food pyramid… only, google “food pyramid”, out of curiosity. What has been the basis of the food pyramid, that people have been advised to eat? Where majority of calories for most people do come from? It’s not f*cking burger meats or ckicken mcnuggets from McDonalds!!! (Even though those are THE worst animal foods full of carcinogens!)

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The whole nation is hooked on carbs!

Pasta, bread, cereal, candies, pastries, pizza, fruit, cookies, junk sugary chocolate …

So, what the h*ck is up with that? Dear movie makers?

A peculiar fact you forgot to mention?

What’s been promoted the most by the government? Subsidized? What do the most of people eat for breakfast these days? Kids? Most of whom become diabetic earlier and earlier?

How many meals do you eat without some form of refined carbs?

Such a lie!

Shame on all the medical scientists involved! Either they are completely uneducated and unaware of reality, so immersed in the field of their expertise… or they have their agenda. That is not public health for sure.

Lie number three?

That one is minor compared to the first two.

Blaming for all the nutrition/health/food hazards animal products, the researchers behind the movie, did not forget to check the quality of all the chicken in fast food chains, like McDonalds, all the hormones and antibiotics levels, carcinogens in processed meats of poor quality. But what about, let’s say, grass-fed beef, cows, that eat grass in meadows their whole life? Or wild caught fish? Or chickens, roaming around, eating insects and nothing more at some outdoor farm? What about local farms? Restaurants sourcing from them? Health food stores selling organic animal products? Why haven’t you gone out and checked all the possible carcinogens in those products? And don’t even mention them, talking about animal products, putting an “equals” sign between good quality animal products and junk ones.


Why, when you mention people reversing their health crises through diet, do you research and display people, eating whole food diet VS junk food diet they used to eat? Why didn’t you find someone, reversing diabetes on junk food vegan diet, including tons of fat-free sugar-full products, white rice and fruit? If you are so convinced, that ONLY animal products is an issue, as you state. Ha? If animal fat is the only issue? Why haven’t you asked paleo people, how they reverse many auto-immune conditions, diabetes etc., eating whole food diet of vegetables and meats, avoiding grains, beans, refined sugar and dairy? There are many of those!

I understand vegan and vegetarian communities, their reasons.

The advocates have their reasons to be against animal products in our diet and society, of which, the only valid ones, as I see it, have nothing to do with health, but are all about ethical issues, inhumane crazy practices of animal treatment, unsustainable animal foods supply chain.

That’s just … I don’t even have a word for it!

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