What to do for AWESOME energy!

Sleeping in is a BAD idea.

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Sleeping in on Saturday morning?

Hoping for more energy?

You might actually get some, especially if you were under-sleeping the whole week and mismanaging your stress — the worst things to do for your effective productivity and best work, not to mention your whole life and health.

But, sleeping beyond what your body actually needs and not having a sleeping routine, meaning changing your waking-up and going-to-bed times, DOES NOT GIVE YOU ENERGY. Quite the opposite. It disturbs your biorhythms, that causes disturbances in your cell metabolism, hormone production and much more.

Not a good idea.

If I happen to stay-up late — I don’t allow it often, no matter what, because I got to show up my best for life to be the best me for best work and service and best life.

So if I happen to go to bed late — life happens, some exciting stuff happens on a different schedule — I still wake up at the same exact hour (my best time is 3.30 AM), I do my routines, work, and then I take a nap during the day, if my schedule allows, or I go to bed much earlier that night and I’m right back on track!

It restarts the body and help you to get back to your normal self much faster!

Good practice for the mornings, when you dont’t get to sleep that much, start with some weight lifting workout, you’ll increase blood flow to your brain and organs, cortisol and adrenaline will kick in more naturally, and with no need for coffee and other stimulants you’ll be good to rock your day!

You might need a cup of coffee during the day at some point, if you don’t have a chance to take a longer nap. That’s normal.

Where does energy come from?

NOT from sleeping in!

Beyond what’s necessary, oversleeping and missing your natural wake-up-and-go time leads to LESS energy and further health problems.

It’s all about energy in this world. The less you have, the less health and vitality every cell of your body has, and the less you have.

Where does energy come from?



Next time you are low on energy and feeling like doing nothing — go for a brisk walk for 30–40 minutes. You’ll feel much better, energized and happier!

Don’t believe me. Try it.

Also helps with negative thinking, lack of ideas and bitchy attitude. — Do good for yourself and others will be grateful too.

And hey, need a laugh and some energy?

Watch this.

Have and awesome weekend! And LOTS of energy!

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



And here is an extra Bite of Health.

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Why you should listen –

“This was something that was pursued by… second-rate intellects.”

— Gary Taubes

Greetings, SuperFriends!

This week, we are joined by a New York Times bestselling author who’s books you’ve almost certainly heard of: Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories. Way before the “Paleo” movement took off in a meaningful way, our guest today was one of the early opinion leaders to promote the idea that not all calories are the same — and that the idea of just “eating less” regardless of what you eat is fundamentally flawed.

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Coach. Nutrition. Health. Weight Loss. Flexible Keto. Food Consultant. HEALTH FOUNDATION - FREE 📧EMAIL COURSE

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