What’s in YOUR glass? You are 80% water. Have you thought about that lately?

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Today I’m sharing my passion for water.

A lot of us are worried about our nutrition and food we eat too much — I was, still am, but now I also look a level deeper. It’s important of course, what we eat, but there is something else, that is even more important. And, unfortunately, we are not so worried about the thing, that is much more vital to our healthy living, to our vitality and well-being, much more vital than food. I’m talking about water.

We are 80% water.

Doesn’t it make sense to get the best quality of what we are, for the most part, made of?

For me it does.

What’s in your glass most of the time?

What water are you drinking? Are you drinking clear water at all?

Where does your water come from?

How was your water messed with?

Do you think about the water you drink at all?

Water is such a fascinating substance! Nobody really knows, what water is exactly yet. All the different forms it takes, its molecular ability to form memories and store information, energy patterns.

What are you drinking?


When did you last think about your water?

Water is the most expensive item on my food list actually. What about yours? Where are your priorities? Are they represent 80% of you?

You are 80% water!!!

Nothing in your body runs properly without this magic liquid.

When you get sick, what do they recommend? — Plenty of water! Why? Your body needs it to get better, to flush all the shit out.

But the fact is — we get shit in our body on a daily basis, and we need plenty of water to flash that shit out and make sure our body runs smoothly.

My water these days comes from one of the healing “spa” cities of Russia. The place, that has been healing people with its magical waters for hundreds of years.

“Narzan” water.

Welcome to Hogwarts: The fairy-tale Narzan baths in southern Russia

The water, the region, the nature, the climate there — it’s all so rich with the culture of rejuvenation and healing, and beauty — it’s one of the places in Russia, that almost all great writers and poets of the country visited and lived in at some point — I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

“Over the years many Russian writers visited the city, including Lermontov, Pushkin, Chekhov and Tolstoy, who mentioned it in their works and diaries. What’s more, Noble literature laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn was born in Kislovodsk.”

That is the kind of the land, that gives birth to my water today. It’s not all VOSS water, you know. Every country has its own healing waters places.

We are so consumed by our food industry propaganda and marketing campaigns.

Yes, there are people passionate about water, advertising it, researching it, but we kind of brush it off — it’s not important, we think. If it was, wouldn’t everyone be screaming about it from every corner? Wouldn’t we be talking about benefits of water more?

Look at the food industry today. Most of the food in a supermarket, most of the food we produce and market — is killing us. Slowly but surely. It is killing us.

We forgot the basics, the foundation, that our health is built on — proper breathing, movement, water, sunlight — it all comes before food, and yet we don’t really talk about it, we neglect it, and then we wonder, why is it we are getting sicker, even though we seem to know more about how our body works than ever.

A mystery, ha?

Instead of building on the abilities of this amazing machinery we are given — our body, instead of learning from it and enhancing it — we mess with it, break it and then think how to fix it, to hack it.

We talk too much about the stuff that is not even that important. Does it really matter how fast your metabolism is or what your blood pressure is? Don’t you know, when you are not well without numbers? Don’t you instinctively know what makes you feel sick?


I find it fascinating, how we humans occupy ourselves with some superficial quantifying completely forgetting the sophisticated system of self-maintaining, that the nature provided us with. I’m no exception — that all my troubles come from mostly — overthinking stuff. If we just did, what our body asks us to do, instead of trying to explain why, to quantify it all…

You don’t question the need for breathing, do you?

What I’m saying is — something IS essential to our health and well-being, even though there is not so much marketing about it.

Water is one of those things.

You want to upgrade your health, energy levels, fitness, life success? Your mind and thinking? EVERYTHING?

Get the best quality of water you can get — THAT should be your priority.

NOT the next supplement to upgrade your brain. Water is superfood. Water heals. Water nourishes. Water gives birth — without water there is no life. We are looking for signs of water on other planets, when we look for life.


Start your day with water. Every day!

Wake up. Drink 0.5 L of water.

Homework: find and get plenty of the best water to drink daily. Think artesian water, water from glaciers, mountains, springs, places in your area known for their healing waters. Get it — Drink it!

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