When did FOOD become SO COMPLICATED?! Food is Overrated. Fasting is Essential.

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When did FOOD become SO COMPLICATED?!

That’s the question that pops up in my head over and over and over again these days.


When did it become such a science to eat?

We were doing pretty well, few decades ago, weren’t we? Nobody had degenerative diseases, not food related anyway. People were dying more or less of natural causes like age, or injury, or some undiscovered virus infection. And there were almost none food-related disorders.

I would say knowledge is power…but not when it comes to nutrition and food.

It seems like the more we know, the less we understand how to eat effortlessly supporting our health and life goals.

Food was supposed to be simple, right?

Animals are not conscious about what they eat at all, and they got it right somehow.

Unless an animal is starving, it will never eat anything that hurts it. Not over and over and over again. Animals learn. They might not be as smart as we are, but they got that part — how to eat right for health and fitness.

The more WE know, the more we get confused. We don’t know what to eat or how to eat anymore.

Going with our senses somehow is just not good enough. Our nutrition and the way we eat got to be approved by some science, research, or at least our favorite diet/nutrition/health guru, right? They got the results we want, they might know the secret we don’t know, right?

When did everything get so messed up that we started trusting ourselves so little, we even need to read a book on how to go to the toilet properly, because, apparently, if we do it the wrong way, we might be sabotaging everything else we do in life.

It makes me laugh.

So many diet books out there. Every one of them claims it will teach us THE way.

When in reality THE way is YOUR way. There is no ONE way and never will be. What our body needs on day-to-day basis will vary. So many factors come into play.

The only way to know what we need to eat is to ask ourselves questions. And FEEL the answer.

Am I hungry?

How am I feeling?

What does my body needs to support my goals? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

What is available?

What feels good in my body?

What gives me pleasure, satisfies me on all levels and supports my health?

YOU — ALWAYS know the answer. You just not always choose to listen to that answer. Why would you trust yourself, right? Those nutrition people must know better, right?

No, they don’t.

I’m one of those nutrition/diet people. And I’m telling you — no one BUT YOU knows what’s best for you to eat. When it comes to real food, of course. Crap and junk — is not food. That I can help you to identify, what real food is and what crap is.

I might also help you to bring your body, emotions and mind to more balanced state through real food.

But your diet for life? Only you can craft that. With maybe a bit of a help, some guidance on the way.

No matter what, I would never take the responsibility and tell you that I know better what YOU should eat. I wouldn’t know. I’m not you. I can give you advice about things you might try, but you got to make choices yourself and be the judge of the progress.

I want to share a few things about nutrition and food to help you to make better food/lifestyle choices based on what YOUR needs are, not on what scientists and health gurus think. I want to make your life and food simple. The way it was designed to be.

Literally. Nutrients, macronutrients, micronutrients, we are what we eat … food is not THAT important!

Fresh air is important. Proper breathing is important. Sunlight is important. Movement is important. Water is important. Stress levels are important. Quality of our relationships is important. Sleep is important. Our emotions and feelings about our life mission, our calling are important.

Food? If all the rest is in check, all of the mentioned above, food will take care of itself. Believe me. Or try it.

I eat once a day. Or once in 2 days sometimes. I train hard, getting stronger and fitter. I have more than enough energy for 19 hours a day I’m awake. I breathe. I hydrate. I have fun. I do the work that I love. I eliminated all the drama from my life some time ago. Life still has problems — but food is not one of them anymore.

Sometimes I truly wish I was hungry more often, so much variety these days, my mind gets excited and wants to try things all the time — but I don’t care really. It comes and goes.

Well, I care about chocolate. I Love Chocolate.

Sometimes I might go for a fancy multicourse dinner, just to see what’s out there, but that happens once in a blue moon.

Food is not my addiction anymore. It shouldn’t be yours either.

Calories, meal frequency, carbs, fats, proteins are ALL overrated.

Your nutritionist/personal trainer tells you to eat 5–6 times a day to avoid hunger? To keep your portions small and keep food coming to avoid blood sugar spikes? To eat certain amount of calories? Certain amount of fats, proteins, carbs?

Most of it such a B. S.

I fast on a regular basis. I eat once a day. I never feel hungry or tired. I don’t feel that my blood sugar levels spike. I don’t have highs or lows. Never. I train on an empty stomach. I train hard and I never never feel like I’m about to pass out.

When I eat I make sure that I consume as much MICROnutrients as it humanly possible. I’m not concerned with calories at all. Not with portions. I make sure I consume all the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enough amino acids and some carbs, proteins, fats — that all comes with food, you know. If you eat real food — you gonna eat all the carbs, proteins and fats you need. It’s how food is made by nature. Smart and simple. Whole.

Fats, carbs, proteins. People talk about that all the time.

I never heard anyone dying because they didn’t have enough of those. Unless they are truly starving.

But people did die because they didn’t have essential vitamins, minerals. Remember those long ship expeditions, when sailors used to die because they didn’t have some “simple” vitamin C. They were not dying of lack of carbs, fats or proteins.

So wouldn’t it be wiser to care about micronutrients more? 80/20 rule here is to take care of essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids — and the rest will take care of itself. All foods come with carbs, proteins and fats.

Where nutrients come from matters big time. Anything made in a lab is not absorbed and assimilated by our bodies very well. Whole foods are the best sources of nutrition. That’s how we get those vitamins and minerals and yes, carbs, fats and proteins — by eating whole foods made by nature.

What are the richest sources of nutrients?

Here is the link to tell you that. See, science is not that useless after all.


It’s a pretty good guide to design the most nutritious menu. But final decisions MUST always be made with your intuition as a guide and first most important advisor.

And by the way, animal protein is WAY too overrated. Nobody needs it. Today the only real reason for consuming animal products can be the pleasure we get from eating it. There are much more efficient ways of getting enough protein, when we consider the energy our body spends digesting and assimilating animal products, and the energy of the planet that is required to “produce” that protein. Animal protein requires the most resources from the planet and you to be used as a source of nutrition. Plants are much more efficient AND effective. Require much less work from our body and the planet and give back much more benefits.

Can’t eat enough plants to get all the protein you need, if you are an athlete like me? There are plenty of good quality plant protein powders that you can add to your meals. Some are pretty amazing. Like this one.

Our body needs fasting more than food. Anyone can eat themselves to death faster than hunger can kill.

When we fast, our body get rids of all the waste products it accumulates daily: products of cell decay, toxins that come from food, air or stress related issues. Our body constantly needs to do some repair works or elimination. That’s why we have so many ways to eliminate stuff and not so many to consume it.

Lungs, digestive tract, skin through which we sweat — our body is designed to get rid of stuff efficiently. All the time. When it has a chance — when we don’t get in the way. Fasting is the best way to help our body to do that, fasting, movement, deep breathing — that all helps to eliminate. Sitting on our asses, not moving much, stuffing ourselves with food — no matter what kind of food, toxic emotions and relationships — it all prevents our body from doing a proper cleansing and repairing. That’s why it’s so beneficial to breathe deeply, to move and sweat, to eat less, to have less drama.

Did you know that our body gets much more efficient with extracting essential nutrients from food when we fast often? Did you know that’s exactly why fasting makes you live longer and look younger also? It helps to make repairs and elimination cycles more efficient, it helps to get more nutrients out of our food.

Stuffing our body with food 5–6 times a day is a joke really. Joke that’s gonna cost you, if you don’t change anything.

I could go on and on and on about the ways we’ve been brainwashed by the food industry that urges us to eat more and more and more…to consume more and more.

Truth is our body needs very little to thrive. Little. Tiny amounts.

It needs more space. Time. Rest. Oxygen. Proper breathing. Peace of mind. Water. Movement.

Those things are free. Except water. We got to pay for that in most places.

Very little.

When did you last eat because you were truly hungry? Low on energy?

When did you last eat not because it was the time or because something smelled or looked good, or somebody talked about food? But because you were truly hungry? Do you even know how true hunger feels?

Not an empty stomach — your stomach should be empty most of the time.

True hunger?

I want you to start questioning your food choices.

All of them. Times. Kinds of food. Reasons to eat.

You might be surprised to find out that you don’t even know, what food you and your body truly like and need, how much food you need.

I can’t tell you what to eat to be the healthiest, fittest and happiest you.

But guess what? Nobody can. But YOU can discover it.

How to start?

  • FAST for at least a day. No food. Just water.
  • Then ask yourself before your meal:

What do I truly want?

What does my body truly need right now?

  • Take a few deep breath. Wait a bit for an answer. Drink a full glass of water.
  • And if you are not used to eating healthy foods, I’d suggest no matter what your body tells you, start each meal with lots of vegetables, especially greens, the most nutritious foods you find here: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/healthy-eating/andi-guide

Big salads, plenty of veggies, some fruits and berries for the taste, some nuts or healthy oils to get those essential fats in and absorb all the vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms. Beans.

You might discover you are kinda full even after “just” a salad. Your mind might be still hungry, but mind is always chasing something: food, money, things… the next exciting thing.

Don’t listen. If you are physically satisfied, stop eating.

That’s the first step.

Take it.

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