When our GREAT ideas suck.

I got this tea tree oil toothpaste a few days ago.

I’m always trying something new and looking for the healthiest for me and the planet product.

So this toothpaste sounded like a great idea! No artificial anything, tea tree oil that is really great for oral hygiene, whitening. I was happy with my choice.

Until I got home and tried it.
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It didn’t have a good texture — felt like plain soda powder with a little bit of mint taste, and it didn’t feel like my teeth were cleaned that well, it didn’t refresh my breath like my old toothpaste, and the whole brushing didn’t feel pleasant, because of this weird watery texture of the paste.

The next time at the store I got another brand of toothpaste. The one I was using before with different flavor and active ingredients.

What’s the connection between ideas and my toothpaste story?

You see, the first toothpaste, people who made it, they probably had very good intentions — making it as natural as possible, as “green” as possible. But you see, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing — will the end consumer who cares about health and environment like the product? Will they like it enough to buy it again?

Because if he/she doesn’t, all the other great intentions will be a total waste.

We so often fall in love with our ideas (I do), believing that because we love our idea so much and we have such great intentions behind it — it will sell itself!

And very often we end up creating something — a product, a course, a book, an app — that is good on paper, but nobody loves it, because of — bad flavor, unfortunate color, lack of interest, inconvenience, complexity, bad timing.

A lot of us keep coming up with tea-tree-oil-toothpaste ideas, blaming circumstances and bad luck for unsellability of our GREAT idea.

Reality is — idea sucked, and we need to change it, or forget about it for the time being or forever.

We need to come up with our toothpaste, that falls into the golden middle between sounds-amazing-I-love-it idea and people-love-it-and-can’t-get-enough-of-it idea.

What is your tea-tree-oil-toothpaste idea you must kill?

I certainly have a few.

Healthy lifestyle trivia

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


And here is an extra Bite of Health.

How to Not Be Evil — Dr. Phil Zimbardo

Why you should listen –

“The future is always modifiable by our actions.”
— Dr. Phil Zimbardo

Dr. Philip Zimbardo (@PhilZimbardo) is one of the most distinguished psychologists in the world and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. He is arguably best known for his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, in which students were turned into mock prisoners and guards for a continuous 24-hour-a-day study. The experiment was planned for two weeks but terminated after just six days…




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