When You Feel Like Doing It the Least — You Need It the Most

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You know that moment, when you wake up, and you feel like doing nothing.

And it’s not that you are tired. You had a good sleep. You feel good physically, emotionally and mentally, but something just won’t let go. Something just keeps bugging you. You are not sure what it is, and that’s the worst.

Everything seems to be fine.

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to cry about. Nothing to scream about.

Everything is ok.

And yet it’s not.

Something inside of you makes you feel uneasy.

It creeps up on you. Like a shadow of a cloud. You don’t even notice it blocked your Sun.

And you might decide to continue with your routine — that’s the best thing to do — even though your mind keeps telling you, stop, relax, you don’t have to be perfect today, you can just take a step back, take it easy, maybe?

But you damn well know, if you let yourself take that step back today, you will regret it.

You might go to the gym as usual and work out.

Do your morning routine of meditation, visualization, affirmations and scribbling in your diary.

You’ll probably have a good workout too.

You feel good.

But that feeling is still there. Something does not feel right.

There are all kinds of thoughts rushing through your head: eat something sweet, relax, watch some silly movie, call up a friend, chat about nothing, procrastinate on the things that are challenging and important to you. You look good, you are doing well, in fact, you might be at the best place in life you’ve been so far.

You can relax, you can let it all go, it’s ok, you can still make it, you can still make all your dreams happen…later, you have time, don’t you?

And you might even agree with this voice inside your head, and you don’t feel like sticking to your routine today anyway.

Maybe it’s time to rest? Not because it’s difficult — actually, it’s never been that easy, you have all the energy you need, and more, for the day to push harder than before.

But somewhere inside of you, somewhere deep inside, you know, you let it slip today, you make a step back, and you’ll miss a chance to move forward, move beyond what you thought was possible for you.

You pass all the temptations, and even though you feel like writing the least, you know, today, you need it the most.

And then you might even ask for guidance, for help, for strength, not sure who. You just know you might need some help today.

And then, you might finally realize, why you haven’t moved forward so far, why you are not living your dreams yet, why your life is not where you want it to be — you never really stepped out of your comfort zone before.

I realized I’m at the end of my comfort zone today.

And as I’m writing this, I have another déjà vu.

I’m at the end of the path I walked before. There is a space in front of me. I can’t see what’s out there. A road, that I haven’t traveled before. Far-away lands, that I haven’t seen before. I know I’ll like it there, but at the same time I know, I’ll be challenged there like I haven’t been challenged before. I’ll be in situations, I haven’t experienced before.

It’s a realization.

Now I see clearly.

And it’s funny. Even my vision is better than usual today.

I see further.

I see what my choices are: staying in the comfort zone taking it easy, or pushing even harder, going beyond. Going into the unknown.

I put some great music on. It gave me the pump so much needed.

I’m feeling the energy rushing through. I know I made a choice. I’m writing.

I have a plan for the day — a plan to push harder, to be better, to be my best self, to make a step forward, to leap, because today I can. Even though I feel like doing it the least. I know I need it the most.

And the uneasy feeling goes away slowly.

Fear dissipates.

I’m pumped and excited to live this day. Be the best of me. Push harder. Leap, knowing the net will always be there.

Today I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I have no idea, what is in front of me, but I know I’ll like it.

What I wrote here might mean nothing to you. Or you might feel the same.

You know it happened to you too. Not one time.

You know you had that feeling. Something is not right, but you don’t know what. You feel good, and yet something is not right.

Everything is a bit off. It seems like you can’t make the decision about anything. You are not sure about anything. Old choices don’t appeal to you anymore. New ones might seem too unfamiliar and, maybe, scary.

That’s ok.

A road you haven’t walked before should feel a bit uncomfortable. A bit scary. A bit weird. That’s how it feels — stepping into the unknown.

If you feel the same today — make a step forward, even if just for me. Step forward instead of moving backwards. Come out of your comfort zone with me today. That’s where the life starts. The life you always imagined living.

Push harder today. You know you can. You know you want.

What is it for you?

What is your step forward?

What are you afraid of doing?

What do you feel the most resistance towards?

What do you feel like doing the least today?

Eating right?

Working out?


Making that sales call?

Asking for that favor or applying for that job?

Going for that networking event or trying a new hobby?

Speaking to that one special person you know can turn your whole life around?

What is it for you? What are you so damn afraid of, that you’d rather make yourself sick with alcohol, food or some poisonous gossiping, negative self-talk, self-inflicted problems?

What is it you KNOW you NEED and WANT to do?

Don’t let it keep you from your dreams.

Do it.

You know you want it.

Do it NOW.

Your dreams are on the other side of that line.

Cross it.

Step into unknown and start LIVING it like you never lived before. Like it’s the last day you have to live.

You are not promised tomorrow anyway. Not even this evening. Or LATER. …

I’m feeling great. It feels right. I’m feeling alive and ready to leap.

I’ll be waiting you on the other side.

Share your story.

Share your moment. Moment, when you stepped out of your comfort zone.

Life is a moment. Make it a beautiful one. The one that is worth living, enjoying and remembering.

Refuse to give up.

Refuse to give in to mediocrity.


Step forward.

Life is waiting for you out there.

Extraordinary You is waiting for you out there.

When You Feel Like Doing It the Least — You Need It the Most

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