Why Meditation? An Empty Glass.

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New day started. I finished my morning routine. Went to the gym. Skyped with my mom. Was about to start working on my emails.

I took a deep breath and realized, if I start working on my emails now, if I start checking my social media, I’ll waste my best writing time. I realized the writer’s muse was with me, and she wanted me to listen. “The rest of the world can wait”, she whispered.

“It all can wait”, she said.




And the questions popped up in my head.

What are the things I want to be really good at? When is the best time of the day to dedicate to my passions? When is that sacred time that can’t be disturbed? Can’t be wasted. Can’t be shared. Can’t be stolen or given away.

I can always do the emails later. I can always work on my social media later. I can read some exciting articles and books later.

But the muse, she won’t always be there. She won’t wait for me to finish my social media. She wants to speak to me. She wants to speak to me right now.

She loves attention. She loves being listened to. Uninterrupted. Undisturbed. She likes to be the one and only.

She loves routines and schedules. She comes at certain times. She is a busy lady. She is generous nonetheless. If you are there, ready, she will give everything she has to you. If you are not, she won’t be mad at you, but she won’t give her gifts to you either. It’s too personal. You got to be there to receive.

We are so afraid to miss out. FOMO, fear of missing out is one of the most common fears these days. We are afraid to miss the emails, appointments, latest news and trends, latest discoveries and gossips. We are afraid to miss whatsapp messages or facebook comments, invitations to the next big thing. We are afraid to miss the next “must see”, “must do”, “must listen to”, “must be there”. We are afraid to miss so many things, and yet we might be missing the most important appointment in our life. Every single time. We are not afraid to miss the dates with muses of our life. We are scared of them in fact. We don’t know what to expect — there is no agenda or an event schedule. The experience is an uncharted territory. We are afraid to let go of the known, shut down our logical brain for some time and let someone else lead us, show us what we haven’t seen before. We are afraid to let someone else to use us as a channel, to bring something unique, original and extraordinary into this word through us. Something that wants to come alive.

Today, when I was meditating, I realized, why it’s so hard for many of us to stop the talk in our head, that voice that always thinks about the past, worries about the future, building plans, doing analysis of everything and anything, from the shopping list and meal plan for the day to the meaning of life and 10-year + plan.

It’s so hard, because we believe, if we just be quiet, if we stop the talk in our heads, somehow the whole world will cease to exist, or we cease to exist? After all “I Think, Therefore I Am” (Rene Descartes), right? We are afraid to cease to exist. We identify ourselves with the voice, with thinking. It became us. When the talk stops, what is left?

I meditated.

I didn’t visualize anything during that session.

I just let myself be.

Be nothing.

Be a listener.

Be a channel. Be an empty glass.

No identity.


I Am just a channel. I Am just an empty glass ready to be filled. I Am nothing. But nothing attracts everything.

You want to find your passion? You want to find the meaning of your life? You want to do something extraordinary?

Empty the glass. Be nothing for a while. Be the space. Allow things to flow into you. You have nothing. The Universe has everything for you. Let it fill you.

Be an Empty Glass.



Stop talking. Let the voice in your head stop talking.


Pretend that you have an important message to receive.

Get quiet.

Really quiet.

Do it first thing in the morning.

Do it last thing at night.

Be an Empty Glass Ready to Be Filled.


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