Why NOW is the best time to diet.

How to do it deliciously. Healthy junk foods.

“But what do I eat now?!”

I often hear that question from people I work with improving their diet, when I give them the list of what they can’t have anymore, if they are serious about changing their health and body for life. Not just to fit in some dress or suit for an important event, where they got to impress everyone.

There are things, that can’t co-exist together, like junk food, as we know it, with unhealthy damaged fats, processed sugar, additives and toxic ingredients, antibiotics and pesticides, hormones and preservatives — all that can’t co-exist with healthy, fit and strong body, sharp and fast mind.

I used to say, that it’s ok, to have them once in a while, once a week, on special occasions. You got to make a choice and prioritize — junk in your body OR your healthy, fit and strong body and mind.

I used to say it’s ok…

But I changed my mind, I changed my own habits in the past 6 months.


Because now it doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Because now our food industry, driven by vision and mission fueled entrepreneurs, makes available foods, that taste like your favorite comfort foods — pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, chips, you name it, somebody came up with the product already out of personal passion and obsession, and desperation to have the cake and eat it too.

I’m saying, that if you can have foods that taste delicious, that are fun to eat, that are GOOD for you, that are convenient (convenience I guess is still an issue, it’s not like you can buy all of it in your closest supermarket) — why will you choose to eat the junk, that makes your body sick, that makes your mind sluggish, that steals the intensity of your life, steals your energy (How energetic do you feel after a bowl of pasta followed by dessert?)

It’s no secret I love chocolate. I’ve been in love with chocolate since I was a kid.

But knowing what sugar does to our brain, to our bodies, I couldn’t allow myself to let it in my body anymore. Chocolate or no chocolate. But I still did it occasionally. Because I didn’t know better. I didn’t have better options.

But now, I’m making my own chocolate, that soon is going to be available to other chocolate lovers, there are other brands of healthy chocolate sold now — chocolate that tastes good AND is good for you. SO now, I don’t need to compromise. I can eat chocolate every day and have no guilt or health consequences because of that. In fact, eating healthy chocolate makes you feel, look and perform better.

So again, why on Earth, would I eat that junk, that makes me sick? Health or Pleasure! — BOTH! And I don’t think anyone needs to compromise between them. Not anymore.

If we can have it all indeed (at least when it comes to food) why wouldn’t we?

We are getting smarter, our food is getting smarter, better, healthier, more well-rounded and balanced, more health and planet conscious. We are learning from our mistakes, from chronic diseases’ epidemic, rising obesity and diabetes among adults and kids — we are improving. Be a part of that transformation! Make better choices. Make smart choices. The more of us make better, more educated choices — the faster our food industry will be transformed into a nourishing and healthy industry.

Are you IN???!!!

Educate yourself.

Choose smart and healthy foods instead of junk you enjoy eating.

Have fun with it and feel amazing!

AND be a part of our transformation, when we learn to make food delicious AND healthy.

Some of the products/companies I love and choose are listed below. I don’t have any affiliation with them, but I’m internally grateful, that they don’t stop on their mission driven journey to make food delicious, convenient, fast AND 100% good-for-you.

No compromises.

AND stay tuned for our Chocolate for Daily Superheroes, chocolate on a mission to make you A Better Self!

Know Better Foods



Bulletproof Snacks

Keto Bars

Keto Brownies

Keto Kookie

Addictive Wellness

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Healthy living trivia

My WOD 9/19/2017

Some of my favorite teas. I find it very relaxing and grounding to have some herbal or green “earthy” tea before bed journailng.

Some people ask me if I eat ANYTHING besides all the salads, and how I get by on that little amount of energy and nutrition.

My salads are quite nutritious, all the greens, plus fatty fish like sardines and salmon, olive oil, nuts, plus I drink fatty coffee once a day at least. But yes, I don’t believe our body needs all that much variety, when we get all the right macro and micro nutrients. I mean I eat variety, different vegetables, different fish, what else do we need? The problem with modern nutrition is not too little of stuff, but too much, and very often too much of the wrong stuff, full of calories but very empty nutritionally.

Some simple Keto Meal Prep from the Experts

Something interesting from a Keto world of performance.

And stretch girls and boys — it’s your health and longevity you are working on!

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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