Why train? Why diet?

No-Counting Diet: Calories, Fats, Carbs, Portions.

Let’s talk about why you train and why you diet.

There are many reasons for and benefits of training and healthy eating habits. Numerous. Countless. Google it.

The blog is not about that today.

you are still doubting tremendous health benefits of exercise and a healthy diet that affect every level of your life, all your successes, your energy levels, your enthusiasm for life, your happiness, your talents, your financial and career successes — if you doubt any of that, well, first, google it, and read all the studies available from reputable research institutes, and second, look at any well-rounded successful person who maintains success long term — NON OF THEM eat crap and ALL OF THEM are active physically.

This blog is about maximum returns on your investments (ROI), when it comes to physical training, exercise and dieting.

Why do you want to exercise?

Why do you want to diet?

Training, exercise, fitness, being active, movement, different kinds of physical activities (more on different kinds of training for specific goals this Saturday) — all of that you need to use as a main tool to build strength, build or sculpt the body you want from inside (You’d be amazed how much you can change your body with proper training), your heart health, your endurance and conditioning (of your body and mind), and on top of that, countless health benefits like strong bones, long life, mobility and injury prevention, improved metabolic health, disease prevention, better memory, sharper brain, improved creativity — the list goes on. And yes, exercise indirectly helps you to lose weight (calorie burning effect of exercise is not worth it, unless you plan to train A LOT!), but weight loss is not what you want to focus on when you exercise.

Exercise to:

Build strength

Re-shape your body

Improve conditioning, endurance, heart health

And other (no less important!) health, cognitive and performance benefits

When it comes to actually SEEING RESULTS in the mirror — your best bet and time/efforts investment is changing your eating habits and mastering your plate. And yes, there are tremendous benefits of healthy eating (In fact, without a good, nutritionally sound diet you won’t survive not being sick), BUT again, if we talk about looks and weight loss, diet is the key. NOT exercise.

Diet to:

See the results of your training in the mirror

Lose weight

Love your looks

And (no less important!) to feel better, to be healthy, to live long, to have lots of energy, to have great mood and so many other reason

Google it.

Know what your goals are.

Know what your tools are.

Know when to use what and why.

That will save you a lot of frustration and energy, that can be used elsewhere in your life more constructively.

We will talk about precise training for different goals this Saturday.

Right now I want to talk more about diet and how you, without getting a nutrition degree, without counting lots and lots of things, like calories, portions, carbs, fats, proteins, can get amazing weight loss and body transformation results (Health will improve a lot too).

Below are my tried and proven personally strategies, that I use myself and when working with people, when focusing on weight loss, when I want it simple.

Depending on where you start, you might try 3 of the strategies (levels) combined together from the beginning. I wouldn’t recommend it for most of you guys, especially if you are new to weight loss, and building and sticking with healthy habits, or if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully lots of diets, yo-yo weight loss-weight gain strategy.

I recommend implementing one level, sticking with it until it becomes your second nature and you continue seeing weight loss progress, 1–3 month usually. Then you implement and master the next one. Then the next one. You’ll see progressively better results each time — no doubt about it.

This is an amazing way to change your lifestyle and looks long-term — and that’s ideally what weight loss should be about, permanent and long-term lifestyle change, that improves your looks but also your health, your energy levels, your mood, your performance at work and in life.

evel 1 Weight Loss: No sugar or sweeteners (except Stevia, monk fruit extract and similar), no juices, no grains and beans (of any kind in any form), no dairy, no starchy vegetables like potatoes. — This level will give you the most results the fastest without thinking and counting. Eat lots of non-starchy vegetables, meat and fish, eggs, nuts and seeds (no peanuts, dry-roasted), some fruits here and there (only fresh). Cook anything you want from the food list. (download ANGELAS SIX PACK FOOD LIST)

evel 2 Weight Loss: No liquid calories (smoothies, oils, butters etc.), no snacking, 2–3 meals a day when hungry.

evel 3 Weight Loss: Add training. Strength training. 2–3 times a week. I suggest lower-upper body, whole-body split (Check out my INSTA WORKOUTS for ideas and exercises). HIIT training 2 times a week. (More on that this Saturday, when, what and how)

There are many levels to nutrition, to healthy eating, to weight loss, no doubt about it, but when you are at the very beginning you want to make sure, that you have a workable simple strategy, and you stick with it, measuring your progress and results.

And give it some time guys, chances are, you’ve been screwing up your metabolism and health for quite some time — it will take time for your body to change, you are not a machine, changes take time.

Stay tuned for this Saturday precise-goals training blog edition (SUBSCRIBE NOT TO MISS IT), video edition of the blog, smart cheating (new foods for smart people) breakfast with Angela, fun fitness and more fun ahead!!!

Questions, advice, comments? — Angela at CreateYourself.Today

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