You HAVE to eat simple.

If physical, mental performance and good looks are on your to-have list.

No sugar, no grains, no dairy no soy, no corn, no potatoes of any kind, no liquid sugar calories, no fruit, no processed foods of any kind, no eating shit. Period.

No pasta, no bread, no unlimited oil and butter, no fried foods, no vegetable oils, no low-quality meat, fish, eggs and other animal products.

No beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, cashews and peanuts. No peanut or cashew butter either.

You might think it’s crazy to limit yourself that much, it’s unhealthy and obsessive, it’s unnatural, it’s complicated and difficult.

None of that, if you ask me. It’s all just a matter of changing habits.

But why?

If we look at human diet of modern tribes, living outside the system, we find, that they eat a very simple diet of a handful of foods available locally and seasonally. So naturally, human diet used to be VERY simple, we never ate so many food products in our entire human history, till our distribution and food production industries got so developed. On the other hand, despite what people believe, when you ask them, the variety of actual ingredients in most people’s daily diets is very limited. People end up eating the same stuff day in and day out, all made of grains, added sugars, dairy, some kind (usually the same kind) of meat, potatoes and corn, soy, all the “variety” of foods you can make from them. Just because sometimes you eat wheat pasta and sometimes you eat wheat pizza, doesn’t mean you consume different foods — same stuff, just packaged differently.

My diet in comparison, having in it just a few categories: vegetables, best quality meat and fish, eggs, limited amount of nuts and fruits — varies every day — I pick up different greens, different vegetables, different meats and fish daily, almost never eating the same foods twice a week.

I personally believe, and recent unbiased studies start confirming some of it, that very few plant foods are actually really good for daily human consumption. A lot, a lot of research is done lately about, for example, grains, beans, a lot of so-called nightshades (cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes), cashew and peanuts, a lot of modern fruits, they all are not great for our health, and over time, we accumulate damage eating them — inflammation, gut flora issues, fat around our internal organs and general weight gain, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, auto-immune conditions of all sorts — well, all the stuff people tend to get these days with age and earlier — your eating habits and all the “variety” of great foods in your diet might be causing it.

I never count or limit my calories anymore, but I do eat only certain kinds of vegetables, a lot of fresh and cooked gently greens, wild fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring, some grass-fed meat, lots of eggs from pasture-raised chickens, some berries, nuts and avocadoes here and there, some coconut and olive oil, grass-fed ghee and butter from time to time, and all the variety of food you can make from all of it (And believe me, that’s a lot! Like avocado-strawberry-chocolate mousse or blueberry-coconut ice-cream, or chocolate — I’m a dessert person, if you haven’t guessed yet. Healthy kind of desserts).

What I’m saying is — there are a lot of plants, that are not suited for regular consumption of a healthy human being.

You wouldn’t eat some poisonous mushrooms daily with a possibility of dying, would you? No matter how good they taste.

Yes, grains don’t kill you right away — they rob you of health slowly, but they are definitely not good for you. Don’t believe me? Try eliminating them for just a week completely. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

That is, what I’ve been thinking lately and wanted to share once again to make you think, experiment with your food and stop doing harm to yourself, just because food industry wants you to buy and eat more, just because a lot of people do the same thing not knowing better.

And one more thing, one eating habit, that will transform your body and health, simple and easy — eating WHOLE FOOS ONLY, at least for a while. Try it. Weight loss and health are actually simple.

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

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