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I get to answer these type of questions quite a lot:

  • What are the best workouts to do to get ripped, lean body?
  • How fast will I get visible results, when I start working out in the gym?
  • How fast can I lose weight?
  • How can I get some more muscles, get rid of fat, get toned body?
  • What are the best exercises for great looking abs, or legs, or buttocks?

Those are not exactly the questions you should be asking yourself, or anyone though. But that’s ok, you just don’t know better, it’s not your area of expertise, not something you study and research.

It’s ok.

That’s why there are people like me, who can direct you. We do more research, we have more personal experience, we work with people, and see what works for most and what doesn’t.

Let’s talk about working out.

There are no best workouts to reach any goal. Losing weight, or get ripped, or get better legs or buttocks. The same as with diet — there is no perfect diet for everyone. There is no one workout perfect for everyone, all body types, all genders and age groups. It depends on where you start, what works best for your body, what are your genetics like. So many factors influence that. To figure out the best workout for yourself, I’d really recommend to get someone like a personal trainer, or someone who reached the goal you are after, and let them give you a few suggestions based on your situation. Then you just got to try things and see what works best for you.

I found what works perfectly for my body and I stuck to it. It might not be the same as what everybody else does, but it’s perfect for me, I enjoy it, I get the results I want — what else to wish for?

Workouts you do is not everything, it’s just a part of the process of changing your body. A lot, 80% and more, depends on your nutrition. Your main work is in the kitchen, not in the gym. You can work out all you want and have the perfect workout routine, but, if you eat like a pig, or eat lots of junk — you are not going to see the results. Ever.

So just remember. Your main work is in the kitchen, when it comes to building, and sculpting, and designing your perfect body.

Some people almost kill themselves in the gym, but they never see any real changes. Why? — No real work in the kitchen.

Do not waste your time, please, trying to change your body in the gym without getting it right in the kitchen.

With the diet it’s the same. What works for me — might not work for you and vice versa. And I’m not only talking about nutrient content of your diet, I’m also talking about the way your diet makes you feel. You may have the perfectly working diet for your body that makes you absolutely miserable emotionally, makes you feel like your whole life sucks!

I know. I’ve been there, seeing my body change for the better and feeling crappy and unhappy all the time. At the end I just said, screw it, I can’t do it, no matter how good it makes me look, I want to laugh and feel happy!

Perfect diet for you makes you look AND feel good. And it’s possible. Totally.

Next important point: the perfect workout regimen and diet for you are the ones you can stick to! If you can’t make something your lifestyle, if you can’t stick to something — you won’t be able to maintain the results you got. And if you can’t maintain the results you want, what’s the point of torturing yourself? Working hard to achieve the results just to lose all the progress in a few weeks or days even.

How fast can you see the result?

Don’t even get me started on this one!

People will tell you all kind of B. S.

And it’s not like they lie to you on purpose. They just truly believe in what worked for them.

I’m not gonna do the same. Cause no timeframe is the same for everyone.

Some people like to take it slowly and that what works for them, physically and psychologically.

Some people can and want to get results fast. And they do it, and it works.

Me — no way I’m working on a goal for 12 weeks, when I know I can get it done in 2–3 weeks. I can’t take things slowly. Just doesn’t work me.

I want the results and I want them now.

Most of us can achieve results we want much faster than we think we can, or than other people believe we can.

Besides, you might NEED some results as fast as possible to motivate you to go further and try harder to reach your ultimate goal. And there will be plenty of people saying to you that you can’t do that just because they couldn’t. Don’t limit yourself! Don’t allow others to limit you!

You want to lose weight fast and get lean and strong — you can, it just comes with more work and dedication. That’s all.

What is healthier? More sustainable way? Nobody can know for sure the right answer for you. So don’t listen to people. Don’t listen to yourself! Just decide what you want, when you want it, how bad you want it and go after it! See, be surprised at what you TRULY can do.

Take it one step at a time and do your best. Don’t let others set your limits, don’t set limits yourself!

Screw everything! Just do it!

I can personally lose 5 kg in a week and get much leaner when needed, and maintain the results after. For me slow results is a pain. But as I said, that is what works for me.


What is the best workout for you? When will you get the results, when you start working out?

Your main work is in the kitchen to change your body composition.

Your workout routine and perfect diet is individual, you need to give more details about yourself, your lifestyle, when you ask those questions. Try things to see what works best for you based on the advice you got.

How fast can you get the results? As fast as you want and need. Of course, you can’t expect miracles but timeframes are SO different from person to person.

Ask better questions.

Give more details about yourself.

Try things. Leave what works for you and toss what doesn’t.

Live your life! Get Your Body — Your Way!

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