New York. Just Salad.

What Fast Food MUST Be Like.

Angela Shurina
5 min readJun 2, 2017


If everyone just ate a salad a day, I thought to myself devouring a huge bowl of salad I have for lunch daily — leafy super greens (kale, spinach, arugula, beet greens, lettuce and more), olives, avocado, radishes, cabbage and carrot slaw, roasted broccoli, some turkey and lemon juice as a dressing.

If everyone just ate a huge bowl of fresh salad a day, some fresh local and seasonal fruits… Every Single Day of one’s life.

The health history of our society might have been completely different. Different from the one, where we decided, that cheap abundance of refined white and brown calories was the best thing in the world, just because it tastes so “good” (I’d highly question that), and because it’s so damn addictive (No doubts about that from my side). We could have had a fitness and health “epidemic”, trying to figure out, why health span along with life span just keeps getting longer, instead of trying to figure out, why, having so many advances over our ancestors, we live longer but sicker and fatter than ever, continuously discovering new degenerative diseases one after another, witnessing our brain shrinking along with our waistline expanding into infinity of space-time continuum.


Might it be that simple? Just Salad a day?

A salad a day to make a difference between clear, shining, radiant skin and skin you want to hide under layers of everything-proof make up.

A salad a day to make a difference between abundant energy enough to fuel any crazy idea to its completion and barely making it through the day.

A salad a day to make a difference between fitness-model-like physique and pounds of fat, that cover your otherwise perfectly beautiful fit body.

Just Salad a day?

Might it be that simple?

I talked about health to quite a lot of people, because of my work as a health/weight loss coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, and because of my burning passion for healthy living and longevity, for ultimate physical and mental performance. I started interviewing top people for my new podcast, asking them about their health, diet, healthy and not-so-healthy habits, routines to keep them ready for anything life throws at them. I’m constantly reading tons of books, studies, research, articles.

Besides having and working on things, that make their life meaningful, besides having heart-felt social connections, besides sleeping well, besides being joyful and grateful, besides being physically active in some fashion on a regular basis, besides all that, all these people and research I came across, have one thing in common — fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet.

Yes, people are not perfect, they try and enjoy different foods like some chocolate, bread, ice-cream etc. once in a while or a bit daily, but fresh plant foods are ALWAYS in their days to protect and nourish, the more, the better. All centenarians are HUGE fans of eating tons of local seasonal vegetables, fresh and cooked in many many ways.

If everyone just ate a salad a day…

Just Salad a day. Every single day.

It’s not even that difficult, thanks to all the abundant food supply available almost everywhere in the world.

And with places like Just Salad in New York City, where I’m enjoying my “Tokyo Supergreens” salad today (Upper East Side, 83rd st and 3rd Avenue), it couldn’t be easier to enjoy your power salad daily — in one of the locations around the city, delivered wherever you are, taken with you to enjoy in one of the many picturesque locations in the city or in the comfort of your own home or office with friends, co-workers or family — people you really care about. With so many salad options, ingredients and sauces to choose from, with such a great quality of ingredients, fresh and shining with nutrition from inside out — you can’t get a better, healthier, more satisfying for your body, soul and your taste buds lunch, you can’t get a faster way to your long-lasting six pack either.

When I eat out in the city and I have Just Salad location near by — you know where I’m having my lunch, don’t you?

You might not become a vegetable, eating Just Salad a day, hopefully, (“You are what you eat”) but you sure will look colorful, fresh and vibrant, just like your favorite veggies.

If everyone just ate a salad a day…

Healthy living trivia

1. Nothing makes you sleep better than a workout outside at the end of the day…

2. What’s better for health than some laughter? :)

3. What I’ve just finished reading: Fascinating!!! Review will be up tomorrow!

4. WOD!!! This morning.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health